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Landscape turf function

Landscape turf is the perfect addition to your landscape that keeps the area looking luxurious and natural due to its green color. Tiger Lily offers landscape turf as a turf that functions like real grass to provide the ideal cool environment. For this reason, landscape turf from Tiger Lily serves both the front and back yards, including gardens and outdoor play areas for kids and pets. This is because our products are carefully made with consideration about the texture, density, and pile height to prevent harming children’s sensitive skin thereby ensuring general safety.

Landscape turf mostly comes in different shades of green but you can also get other color options for your outdoors. We are here to help you achieve your dream of an attractive and easily manageable landscape by providing you with information about the product and its relevance as the better option to natural grass.

Tiger Lily therefore seeks to deliver the best of landscape turf for easier maintenance at affordable and flexible prices.

Landscape Turf Features and Advantage

Similar to its name, landscape turf is meant for landscaping which makes it have different specifications and features from other turf. One of the most blended features is the pile height of 35mm, a density of 16800, and a row spacing of about 3/8 inch. The best color is also green to blend in with your environment such as the nearby trees and vegetation.

Landscape turf from Tiger Lily is spaced to ensure fast water drainage and prevent a flooded-looking area after rain. Consider your worries about a messy area due to flooding cleared when you seek landscape turf.

Landscape turf is manufactured using shorter pile height to enhance the natural look effect. You will also notice that the turf is soft to promote safe plays.

Landscape Turf Applications

Landscape turf from Tiger Lily is applicable in various places including outdoors, walls, indoors, and business places such as hotels. You will be surprised at how wonderful and perfect your installation for landscape turf would become if you choose to have it indoors at a selected place for relaxing.

Tiger Lily offers support in your first experience with landscape turf to make it worthwhile. Existing clients can also gain more insights while exploring their landscape turf to understand its maintenance procedures.


Company Capabilities on the Landscape turf

Landscape turf continues being perfected by Tiger Lily to address other client’s needs and implement changes on the product. Continuous evolving of landscape turf ensures that the product performs well even when exposed to things such as stubborn stains. That is why Tiger Lily is equipped with professionals that test the product under possible occurrences to make you comfortable enough when purchasing the product.

We take care of your worries while you take your time to enjoy landscape turf without the fear of uncertainties.

Company Business Advantage

Tiger Lily has over ten years of experience developing top-notch landscaping products. The company also has about 89 employees with a fairly large factory to ensure that your products are delivered at the right time and in the original form.

Related Products Mention

Landscape turf product is related to pets and kid’s grass, including garden grass because it can also perform similar tasks.

Factory History

Rich Experience

Tiger Lily manufactures the product in different shades of green to blend in with your landscape. It is crucial to note that the artificial grass functions best when accompanied by sand infill to keep the blades standing straight and avoid injuries during falls. You will be wowed with the amazing results after installing landscape artificial grass recommended by Tiger Lily for all your outdoor needs.

Tiger Lily Garden cares about the benefits of our clients. We don’t push, there are no convincing sales girls in your working team. We just serve and provide the most professional advice. Any questions will be replied to within 2 hours though we have a time difference. And all progress will be shown to you directly by video. Your inspection will be here though you are not here in person.

Professional Attitude










landscape artificial grass

Do you long for that attractive, natural looking grass that is easy to maintain and is affordable? Landscape turf is the grass to purchase. With the technology used to manufacture the turf, be assured for an all year and season glam look on your spaces. Landscape turf is best for using in shopping malls, landscaping, gardens, kindergarten, roofs, decoration, and indoors.  Although landscape turf has various benefits, clients do not understand the different functions of artificial turf.  The guide provides more insight on landscape turf while assuring clients of its quality. Such information is crucial before settling on the turf to purchase.

Why Should I Settle on Landscape Turf?

Landscape turf is designed for specific purposes. If you wish to have a garden whose lawn can easily be maintained, landscape turf is the best solution. The turf has reasonable pile height and density including soft synthetic material to protect kids playing at kindergartens or home. Additionally, landscape turf can also be used in interiors such as hotels. Many hoteliers have opted for landscape turf because of its longevity and easy way of maintenance. Therefore, landscape turf has different uses and is friendly to the environment due to low maintenance.

How Should I Choose Landscape Turf?

The first thing to note about landscape turf is that it is more versatile than natural grass. Working with natural grass requires considering things such as rocky terrain, water runoff and quality of soil. You should also look for excellent drainage since landscape turf drains water to prevent flooding.  Consider the pile height as well. A shorter pile height creates a neat look while a high pile height will give extra cushioning.

What is the Disadvantage of Landscape Turf?

The only disadvantage of landscape turf is that it is not natural grass. Natural grass does not drain water better than landscape turf. Although natural grass is not manufactured, it requires a lot of maintenance making it less eco-friendly than landscape turf. Therefore, there is no actual disadvantage of landscape turf.

How Can Landscape Turf Help me Sell my Property?

Landscape turf is a best addition to your lawn because it is considered an investment. If you are thinking of ways to increase the value of your property, go for landscape turf to improve your exteriors and promote higher resale value.

Why Should I Consider Landscape Turf for my Outdoors?

It is important to understand that each type of turf is made with specifications that will help in different areas around your home or office. This means that landscape turf has been designed with the right specification that withstand both the outdoors and indoors. For this reason, you should consider landscape turf because as its name suggests, it is meant for the outdoors and can withstand activities such as high foot traffic and extreme conditions.

Can Landscape Turf be Used Elsewhere Apart from Landscaping?

As previously mentioned, landscape turf has different places where it can be used. The places include roofs, shopping malls, kindergartens, indoors, and landscaping.

Is Landscape Turf Durable in Places where there are Many People?

The turf is designed to endure many people walking to and from shopping malls. That is why the density and material are uniquely designed to appear natural and tough.

Do not hesitate to send us your questions and concerns, including the specifications on your preferred type of landscape turf and we will be delighted to serve you.

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