Natural-looking Artificial Grass

Tiger Lily Garden is not just the traditional meaning of the artificial grass factory in China. We are the gather of the most fashion and design-oriented artificial grass, includes natural-looking artificial grass.

Reliable Chinese Natural-looking artificial grass factory

Natural-looking artificial grass Basic Function

Natural-looking artificial grass functions like natural grass because of its appearance regarding its soft fiber, pile height, density, and material. Tiger Lily understands your desire to maintain a natural environment without much hustle and that is why it manufactured natural-looking grass. The artificial grass comes in different shades of green since natural grass also differs in shade depending on where it grows. Typically, natural-looking grass is green to mimic the colors of natural grass and therefore no other colors are recommended for this type of artificial grass.

If you wish for a thicker appearance on your lawn or any place that you want to install, get natural-looking artificial grass with a high density. Other needs are also met by different specifications in the artificial grass. Natural-looking grass mostly functions in outdoors to compliment the natural environment.

Tiger Lily offers a wide range of natural-looking grass in terms of color shade, thickness, and height. Reach out and we will provide the best quotes in the market for the best product worldwide.

Raw material

100% raw material assurance! Recycled materials bring harm to not only human beings but also the environment!

Fast Delivery

Time is money. Our factory chooses high-speed tufting machine and plenty of raw materials stock to make sure a faster lead time. 10 days~24 days to reduce your time on waiting.

Open Production

No hiding, no secret! What you see is what you will get. We will report every detail to you until you disburden your mind!

Grass and More

Looking for grass but bothered by accessories? There will not be a headache when selecting us as your Chinese artificial grass supplier. A small quantity is available.


From colour to yarn shape, V, W, C shape or even complex picture design. We provide customized service. To be a different Chinese artificial grass factory.

Promotion Support

One of the welfare to be our partner is we provide promotion support on gift &on line link&post& joint exhibition. We love our clients and we’d like to do all to boom our business together.

Natural-looking artificial grass Features and Advantage

Natural-looking artificial grass has a perfect mowing look with a mixture of green yarn and yellow curved fibers that make it appear natural. This is one of the reasons why you find it difficult to distinguish between natural grass and natural-looking artificial grass.

Natural-looking artificial grass has a recommended pile height of 35mm to provide the best cushion feel and does not require mowing because the height remains constant and straight-standing throughout.

Tiger Lily also manufactures natural-looking artificial grass with sufficient draining holes at the base to allow for easier draining.

Natural-looking artificial grass Applications

Natural-looking artificial grass from Tiger Lily is mostly applied outdoors to match the natural environment. Outdoor areas include playgrounds for kids in kindergartens, pool areas, front and back yards, balconies, and in gardens. However, most clients also ask whether the artificial grass can be installed in their house. Tiger Lily says this is possible because of the expertise from the professionals who install the grass to create a natural effect indoors.

Tiger Lily is ready to listen to your request no matter how wild. We will settle on something satisfactory to meet your desires.

Reliable Supplier on Artificial Grass in China

Company Capabilities on the Product

Natural-looking artificial grass from Tiger Lily continues being improved over time to include different densities and pile heights. We also keep in mind the need for the product to remain relevant as its name suggests and therefore maintain the basic requirements for each specification of the product’s model.

We assure you of an affordable product because of our brand that eliminates middle men to offer quality and affordable natural-looking artificial grass.

Tiger Lily cares about your resources as much as it cares for your satisfaction in its products.

Company Business Advantage

Tiger Lily has been on the limelight for a long time due to the eco-friendly manufacturing process and raw materials. You should also be confident knowing that we do emergency deliveries that take a maximum of ten days. This has provided Tiger Lily with a higher competitive advantage than other companies. Rely on Tiger Lily for all your artificial grass needs.

Related Products Mention

Other related products to natural-looking artificial grass include artificial grass tiles, accessories such as U-pins to secure the artificial grass, and adhesive to install artificial grass on concrete surfaces. This helps you relax while knowing that the installation process will not be hectic since all requirements are available.

artificial grass for residential
Chinese artificial grass yarn factory

The right artificial grass supplier in China

Thank you so much for visiting our website and congratulations on getting near to the right Chinese artificial grass factory. We consider every client comes to our factory is the angle deserves our best price and service also all our full respect and protection. Actions speak louder than words. What Tiger Lily Garden will assure you after choosing us as your China artificial grass supplier are:

synthetic lawn coating machine
artificial grass for commercial 1

1.     There will be no artificial sales skills or price traps, everything will be open and honest;
2.     There will be no dead-end communication, you can always find us and get satisfactory solutions! We are always here.
3.     There will not be like the other Chinese artificial grass factory once you paid and the rest you can do is pray for god to get better quality. We are doing progress control. From the raw material to the mass products to the loading, everything will be shown to you by the real shoot. Tiger Lily Garden is not only your artificial grass supplier in China but also your eyes, your hands and your loyal partner!
4.     One thing we are not like the other artificial grass factories is: We don’t judge our clients. Every requirement from your side is reasonable, you are not picky but cautious!You are the spirit to encourage us to be a better Chinese artificial grass manufacturer. We are full of grateful!

Grass Knowledge

As a qualified artificial grass factory in China, the knowledge we have to know is not only grass but the whole industry. How do they distribute? What is the strength of the other factories? We learn from the other mistakes and also feed on those right things the other artificial grass factories in China are doing.

Purchase Guide

What’s important is we’d love to share the knowledge system with you our dear customers. We think it’s our responsibility to always thinking with you and tell you the truth. We have the responsibility to do the right thing to dig deep of the whole artificial grass industry.

The Distribution Location of Chinese Artificial Grass Factory

There are many ways for you to find an artificial grass factory in China. Such as:

1) Online business website: such as Alibaba, Made-in-China, Google…But how reliable they are since each China artificial grass company can apply many accounts on Alibaba. That means maybe you spend a whole day talking with as many companies as you can but it turns out to be the same Chinese artificial grass factory.

2)Exhibition:The most effective ways to find reliable artificial grass factories in China. Especially when the turf factories attend the exhibition continuously. But you should pay attention to the factories decorate very well with the amazing booth but only shows up suddenly. What we usually chose for artificial grass is FSB, Spoga, Domotex, Big 5…

3)Visit the Chinese artificial grass factory directly: Highly suggest you do this part. By visiting your potential artificial grass factories suppliers, you can easily find the machines, capacity, organization and value of the factories.

But basically, there are 4 production centre of artificial grass in China: Guangdong (near Guangzhou port), Jiangsu(mostly middle size Chinese artificial grass factories and 80% of grass yarn supplier are located here), Shandong province (most of them purchase yarn from Jiangsu ), Hebei (most of them are lower price and quality not good. Working as a family workshop.)

Natural Grass V.S. Artificial Grass

/Natural Grass Artificial Grass
CostHave ongoing expenses for maintenance.Spend a little bit more money upfront when installing artificial grass. But you are gonna save more money in the long run.
Care RequirementsRequire several hours of work each week to keep it looking its best.Requires only minimal maintenance. No need mowing, fertilizers or pesticides. Leave you much time for enjoying.
Water UsageMillions of liters of precious water every year needed.No need
AestheticsNot good looking all the time. Looks yellow in Autumn and gray in Winter.Looks green, looks perfect all the time.
SmellIt has fresh grass aroma and can purify the air by photosynthesis.It is unavoidable to have plastic smell sometimes especially when the weather is hot.
Surface HeatIt can absorb some heat used as photosynthesis,so the surface is is not too hot.Retain more heat than natural grass. It is hotter to be touching especially in summer.

Grass can be Customized just According to Your Requirements!

“I love this colour, but I want to change the specifications.” “I want the straight yarn of this sample and the thatch yarn of that sample.” “I want this grass softer.” “I want mass products exactly the same with my sample at hand”…

Do you sometimes have these kinds of ideas? As your reliable artificial grass supplier in China, Tiger Lily Garden can meet all your requirements. Just kindly let us know what you need. Tiger Lily Garden will help you to realize it.

Why choose us as your reliable artificial grass supplier in China over others?

You have the choice of numerous professional, knowledgeable, and competent artificial grass suppliers in China committed to serving their clients. We are one of them. Listen to what are our existing clients said about why they choose us and decided to stay with our company.

Tiger Lily Garden believes every client who comes to our family is the angel that we should be grateful for. In a sufficiently competitive market, It would be our great honour and luck to have you choose us as your reliable artificial grass supplier among hundreds of companies in China. Every trust deserves our best efforts with all we have. Our mission is through our professional consulting services to recommend products best suited to your need. We focus on ensuring our deliveries arrive punctually, in perfect condition and ready to install. And we also provide customized personal and individual marketing support. We will be the final stop to end your cost of trial and error. Be our clients as your reliable artificial grass supplier in China and let us “spoil” you.

How to Calculate the Cost of Artificial Grass When You Purchase from China?

All our data is transparent to all our customers. Here we would like to show you the calculation method to help you know deep about artificial grass costs.

Here is the calculation formula that most artificial grass suppliers in China use to calculate the yarn weight.

Click here to get the very unique face weight calculator designed by Tiger Lily Garden.

The artificial grass cost = yarn weight * yarn cost +labor cost + backing cost

Hope this will be helpful for you to understand how to calculate the costs of artificial grass when you purchase from China. If you have any questions or want to know more. Please kindly contact us. We are always here for all your questions.

The Specification of Artificial Grass

You might well familiar with all the specifications of artificial grass – Pile Height, Stitches, Density, Dtex, Gauge.

But do you know that there are many artificial grass suppliers that mark exaggerated specifications than the actual data? Especially for the Dtex. Because it is not very easy for buyers to test it. We hate that and we never do that. As your reliable artificial grass supplier in China, we are honest. We do what is right. You can test all our specifications at any time.

Actually, it is easy to test Dtex if you know the test method. Dtex means the weight of 10000-meter yarn. Here are the test instructions for your reference:(In order to test more accurately, at least 5 groups of data has to be collected and take the average as the final record.)

Carefully take at least 5 stitches of artificial grass fiber from different areas of your tested artificial grass. Put them separately and test them one by one.

Clean up all the SBR latex on the yarn

Count the total numbers of fibers. Write down the numbers and how many fiber types. (such as a totally of 12 fibers-4 straight fibers (mark as No.1)with olive green color, 4 straight fibers with emerald green color (mark as No.2) and 8 thatch fibers with olive green color (mark as No.3)

Weight the No. 1 fibers, No.2 fibers, and No. 3 fibers of each one stitch separately and records them.

Measure the length of each fiber. Calculate the total length of No. 1 fibers, No.2 fibers, and No. 3 fibers in one stitch separately and records them. For the thatch fibers, please straighten them by hand when measuring them.

Calculation. Dtex= weight of No. 1 fibers / total length No. 1 fibers *4 + weight of  No. 2 fibers *4 / total length No. 2 fibers + weight of No. 3 fibers / total length No. 3 fibers*8. Calculate the other 4 groups data, and take the average as the final record.

Hope this will be helpful for you to test the Dtex of artificial grass. If you have any questions, please kindly contact us here.  We would like to explain more to you.

Raw Material & Production Process for Artificial Grass

Nylon mainly used for golf mats due to its high burn tolerance. But it is very easy to be oxidized. So only a few artificial grass factories can make qualified products. But we can do it perfectly with our advanced equipment.

Polyethene, short for PE, widely used for producing mono-filament yarn because it is soft, stable, and long-lasting.

Polypropylene, short for PP. Usually used for producing the thatched yarn, gives added support and cushioning to the artificial grass.

You may wonder how this beautiful artificial grass produced? Come with Tigerlily garden to see the production procedures.

Mixing Material



Yarn Product



Rolling / Packing

Artificial Grass Equipment & Production Capacity

As one of the leading and professional artificial grass manufacturers in China, Tigerlily Garden is with a highly modernized and automatic artificial grass factory.

Here is our equipment for producing high-quality artificial grass.

6 extruding machines for mono-filament and thatched yarns.

2 fibrillated machines. One for high dtex and another one for low dtex.

24 KDK flat knit machines.

5 tufting machines

1 coating machines

The advanced equipment not only enables us to make customized, safe, long-lasting, good looking, and good quality artificial grass for you. But also bear large production capacity enable us to deliver artificial grass very fast for you.

With more than 5 million SQM artificial grass production capacity per year, generally, we can deliver one 40HQ container around 14-18 days according to the regular order schedule. We would love to put your order in priority. Please kindly contact us to check the exact fast speed delivery we can do.

Imported Artificial Grass Capricorn Artificial Grass

What is Capricorn Artificial Grass?

Capricorn symbolizes a cautious and reserved character with a strong-willed personality. Capricorn artificial grass depicts a similar feature as it provides that anticipated look of quality imported artificial grass from China. Landscapes with artificial grass are hardly differentiated from natural grass because the grass contains a density ranging from 25200 to 27825mm. The Capricorn imported artificial grass made in China is also characterized by its thickness, natural shine, and shape, making the landscape a stunning view. Similarly, the flat yarn shape with a 4 tone color makes the balconies, pool fronts, and yards appear natural due to its pile height that goes up to 40mm to achieve that natural outdoor appearance.

Capricorn Artificial Grass versus Natural Grass

Natural grass takes some work to maintain and consumes water and weed, often weed checking and removal. However, the imported artificial grass is non-toxic grass with a reasonable pile height and density that does not harm pets or children while playing. The turf is perfect for decorating indoors because of its flat shape that does not appear artificial. During the dry season, natural grass may appear dry and yellowish in the case that it is not maintained, while the Capricorn artificial grass will retain its color since the sun cannot produce a scorching effect on the grass.


Saving the environment by preserving natural resources such as water has become a trend towards fighting the consequences of global warming. Capricorn artificial grass has come as a substitute for natural grass. One has to use water for the grass to remain appealing with the occasional spraying of pesticides that could harm the environment.

Try out the Capricorn imported artificial grass for that beautiful turf and attractive indoor appearance or outdoor presentation that involves low maintenance and longevity due to its material and other features. In case you wish to try out artificial grass, go for Capricorn, as its features represent the characteristics of the zodiac sign that mimics a reserved and relaxed environment for both indoors and outdoors.

Product Details

General Applications

cheap artificial grass application

Project Barriers


Courtyard Landscape



artificial grass for balcony



artificial grass for swimming pool

Swimming Pool

artificial grass for wedding

Grass Wedding

artificial grass for commercial

Commercial Area

Cost Analysis

The price of artificial grass is connected with many elements, but the most relevant are: Face Weight, price of raw material, sea freight and exchange rate.

Lead Time Estimation

artificial grass for multifunction manufacturer in China

Stock Samples Lead Time

For our common imported artificial grass, we usually prepare enough promotion samples 30CMX30CM. So you can get free samples quickly and easily. What you need to do is sending us a samples requirement, the samples will be ready within 2 days and the delivery express will take 3~7 days.

custom artificial grass 07

Custom Samples Lead Time

For custom products, the lead time is based on your yarn requirement, If we have stock yarn or ongoing imported grass orders that will be faster or the lead time will be longer from extruding yarn to tufting. We will try to be fast, 10~14 days will be ok and the delivery express will take 3~7 days.

artificial grass yarn machine

Production Lead Time

It depends on different items and the order quantity. Usually, the fibrillated yarn grass will be fast 10~14 days when imported, the artificial landscaping grass will be longer 18~21 days. And usually, the quantity is more,  the lead time is faster because it will save us a lot of time to adjust the machine.

artificial grass shipment

Shipping Lead Time

For our imported artificial grass and other artificial plants, it will be better to ship out by sea because it is too heavy and the value of our plastic plants is not very high. Sea shipping is the most cost-performance shipping way. It takes around 14 days for the Asia area and 20~30 days for the other countries.

Why Tiger Lily Garden

Chinese artificial grass factory
  • More than 10 years of rich factory and export experience;
  • Very professional from the raw material to final products, we do all in the house;
  • Serious attitude, we care about our clients and will take good care of every single detail;
  • Good communication, you can always get a quick reply 7X24, no delay and no pushing sales;
  • Reliable after-sales service, we will completely communicate about all notes before order and you will always get a positive reply after sales which brings you a good experience and ongoing profit;
  • Full certificate for any requirement of your products.


How to Install Artificial Grass?

artificial grass installation

No. The yarn shape, density, and pile height range from 30mm to 40mm, making it unlikely for the grass to become flat after long-term use. That is why Capricorn artificial grass is among the best imported artificial grass worldwide, as it retains its natural appeal enhanced by its features.

Yes, the grass prevents infestation from pests and other insects. Although the grass mimics natural grass, it is not edible for small animals and insects, making it difficult for invasion by pests.

This is a material laid over the grass when the artificial grass is being installed to help the lawn last for a long time.

It depends on the type of infill used when setting or installing the grass. However, when a suitable infill is placed to match the quality of the grass in this case, Capricorn artificial grass reflects heat rather than maintaining it for a more astounding landscape.

Of course! In fact, opting for the grass indoors in place of the typical carpet décor is not a bad idea as the grass blends well with pieces of furniture comfortable enough for the kids and pets. The shape and color of the imported artificial grass are outstandingly blended to simplify maintenance, reducing unwanted mess around the house.

Despite Capricorn artificial grass having different densities and pile heights, all the features fit indoors, in the yard, or the swimming area. The density and pile height difference comes when one wants shorter-looking artificial grass as their lawn even though the different features narrow down to achieving the desired look. The difference is visible from physical observation, but all our imported artificial grass’s pile heights and densities are applicable indoors or outdoors.

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Related Hot Products


natural looking artificial grass

Do you desire your lawn to have that natural environment enhanced by the grass? Look no more because natural looking artificial grass gives you that and more.  You may never tell the difference between natural and fake grass when you install the natural looking grass. It has its benefits that will surprise you including how long it will last. Most people do not understand how grass can be installed to appear natural or what specifications are suitable.  That is why the guide below will provide information about the grass that will leave you desiring it in your space. Keep reading for more information.

Why is the Grass Called Natural Looking Artificial Grass?

The grass goes by the name because it looks like natural grass. The difference comes because natural looking artificial grass is made from manufactured material and does not need maintenance like natural grass. The grass also comes with different specifications to cater for the client’s different needs.

Can I Install Natural Looking Artificial Grass in my House?

Natural looking artificial grass can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Most people like the artificial grass being installed in their backyard for that beautiful appearance. Other people would prefer the artificial grass inside their homes. Children can play indoors during harsh weather conditions without getting bored because the grass looks as if they are outside on the lawn. You may select a corner in your home, install the artificial grass, and put the kid’s toys for them to enjoy the grass.

What Will Happen if Natural Looking Artificial Grass Comes into Contact with too Much Water?

Heavy rains mostly destroy natural grass. The grass can also be uprooted if the rains come with flash floods. However, natural looking artificial grass does not get damaged by such weather because it drains water without flooding your back yard. Ensure you clear out leaves if the grass is installed under many trees so the leaves cannot block its drainage.

Can I Rake my Natural Looking Artificial Grass?

A rake is recommended for removing debris off of your natural looking grass. Be sure to use a plastic rake since metal ones can be harsh on your lawn.

How do I Decide the Best Natural Looking Artificial Grass?

Natural looking artificial grass comes in different pile heights, and densities. Understand your needs such as where you will install the grass, and how you will use it, to know the best specification. If this is hard for you, seek a professional for advice.

Can I Install Natural Looking Artificial Grass at A Children’s Playground?

Yes you can. Be careful not to place playing objects such as swings with sharp edges or any other hazardous item that can damage your grass.

Is Natural Looking Artificial Grass Planted?

Just like other types of artificial grass, natural looking artificial grass is installed. The installation process is easy but you may need professional help to make sure it lays down flat.

Does Natural Looking Grass Come in Different Colors?

The grass comes in different shades just like natural grass. You will find that one type of natural grass will come at a lighter shade than the other. You may ask for samples of the grass shades to determine what suits your needs.

For the best sustainable product without additional costs due to middle men, reach Tiger Lily as your trusted partner for timely feedback and deliveries.


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