Do you wish to have artificial grass that feels and looks like natural grass? PE grass is specifically made for this function. The comfort and softness in PE grass keeps your kids active, lawn looking natural, and indoors appearing like the savannah grassland. Most clients do not know about PE grass. The article is an opportunity to explore about the benefits, maintenance, and other information about PE grass.

What is PE Grass?

PE grass means the raw material of the artificial grass is the plastic PE which is soft and with highly wear-resistant ability. PE grass is usually used in soccer filed and the straight yarn of the landscaping grass.

How Realistic is PE Grass?

PE grass is very realistic because you cannot tell the difference between the turf and natural grass when looking from a distance.

How Can I Measure my Garden to Fit PE Grass?

The best way is taking measurements from the widest and longest areas of your lawn. Round off the measurements to the nearest meter. This will help you understand the estimated meters in your lawn. The last step is multiplying the length by width to give you the requirement per square meter.

Will it Take Long to Lay PE Grass?

It depends with the size of your space. However, if you are new to installing turf such as PE grass, you will need an idea about the installation time. Professionals take one day to lay a 50 square meter area. This will help you with estimating the time it will take to install in your space.

I Understand that PE Grass Drains Water. Where Does the Water Go?

PE grass is designed in a way that it is perforated. For this reason, if the grass is installed outdoors, the water will be absorbed by the soil. If the grass is installed at the balcony, the water will drain to the nearest drainage hole.

How Much PE Grass Will I Need for My Lawn?

It is good that you are concerned about the amount of grass required. Once you measure the length and width of your area, this will give you an estimate amount of the required PE grass.

Does PE Grass Require Infill?

Not all artificial turf would require infill depending on where it has been installed. However, sand infill is recommended for better security. This means that places with a lot of foot traffic should have infill. Sand infill is important because it protects children from injuries when they fall.

Will PE Grass Feel too Hard on Concrete Floors?

No. PE grass is designed with different specifications to suit different needs. If you wish to install PE grass on a hard floor, choose the specifications with high density. This will help achieve a bouncy feel on your surface and your pets or children will not be injured.

How Does Water Drain in PE Grass?

The grass has a latex backing with small holes that allow water to drain.

Is PE Grass Suitable to Install in Kindergartens?

Most clients that look for PE grass like installing the turf in schools such as kindergartens. This shows you that the soft and natural-like way that PE grass is manufactured is friendly to children. Therefore, you can never go wrong with PE grass in play areas.

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