30mm Artificial Grass

Nothing beats the scene of a freshly cut lawn like the 30mm artificial grass. The 30mm artificial grass is among the most sought for product, comfortable enough for your children and pets. That does not mean that you do not get to be part of the fun. You could also have your slice of happiness by indulging your friends for a garden relaxation party to cool off the steam from your daily routine.


  1. 30mm artificial grass is children and pet friendly because it is manufactured with high-quality material that gives it a lush look and soft feel.
  2. The artificial grass is UV stabilized so you worry less about fading or overheating during hot seasons.
  3. There is no need to include sand infill since the grass is thick enough to cushion you and your family.
  4. 30mm artificial grass has a backing of high quality that makes it durable.
  5. Contains sufficient drainage holes to withstand too much water, especially during the rainy season. Your pets can also take a leak without you being concerned that they will end up in a pool of their own waste.
  6. The C and W yarn shape helps the 30mm artificial grass to remain standing so that it does not appear flat after activities.
  7. As its name suggests, the 30mm thickness provides your space with a realistic appearance that no one can tell of its artificial nature.


30mm artificial grass is not restricted to outdoor places such as gardens, lawn areas, and patios among other places. We all know that sometimes kids and pets like to be cosy but playful indoors, especially in extreme weather. This makes the grass important for installation indoors in kids’ play areas including installation in places such as kindergartens.

Product Details


We recommend going for 28mm to 35mm because if you go higher than that, your grass might appear flat.

You can opt to clean off the pee using paper towels and later spray a grass cleaner of your choice on the same spot.

Yes. Our professionals will ensure that your grass fits into different shapes around your home.

Our products always come with a warranty. Reach out to us for detailed information about installation and warranties.

The 30mm artificial grass is equipped with a UV stabilizer to protect it from fading. You are assured that the artificial grass will maintain its colour for as long as you wish to use it.

Sure you can. Saying the infill is not necessary does not limit you from using especially if you install it in an area that you feel needs the infill.

Artificial grass does not attract any dirt or mud. However, you can use water for washing down dust during extremely dry seasons.

Artificial grass is very affordable because of its durability, unlike natural grass. It also consumes less energy, helping you save on water and pesticides.

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