You are probably wondering whether getting 35mm artificial grass is a good idea. Well, that would be a brilliant idea because you get durable artificial grass that suits all your needs around your spaces. Whether indoors or outdoors, the 35mm artificial grass serves different purposes and is ideal throughout the year. Once the grass is installed, you only need a few minutes of your time to maintain it without much hustle and waiting for the grass to grow.


  1. Manufactured to bounce back so that it appears freshly cut for a long time.
  2. Available in up to 5-meter rolls.
  3. The grass is environmentally friendly because its material can be recycled.
  4. Has an excellent drainage system to survive heavy rains or floods.
  5. The 35mm artificial grass can be used in various places like indoor décor or outdoor beautification.
  6. It is designed to sustain high foot traffic.
  7. Its yarn is C-shaped, giving it a strong and lively appearance.


If you wish for that natural green view on your garden, play area for kids, swimming area, and front or back porch, 35mm artificial grass is the best option. Don’t fret because you can also use the 35mm artificial grass as home décor pieces such as rugs or carpets. Have fun with wild ideas of where to install the artificial grass without location limitations.

Product Details


Not really. You can lay it similar to a rug and it will not move around due to the backing that helps it remain firm.

Here is where the juicy details lie. Your grass will last for 10 or more years depending on your maintenance. This means you get quality for way less than you bargained for.

Sure you can. Simply engage us with your measurements and we will send a quote.

If you are a newbie planning to install it yourself, it might take longer than expected. However, leave that to the professionals and your grass will be up and gorgeous in no time.

For a natural-looking appearance, we would advice that you stick to green and its shades since the grass has different green colours.

No. The product is made of synthetic material, which, unlike natural grass, cannot thin out or wither.

There are very many reasons why you should consider 35mm artificial grass. One of the most important reasons is it helps cushion you and your family from hard surfaces due to its density and pile height while covering worn-out areas.

Once installed especially with infill, the grass is heavy and comfortable to walk or play around.

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