Envious of your neighbour’s well-manicured lawn that you find effortless to maintain? That could be just what you need. Presenting the 3×3 artificial grass manufactured from the best materials in the market. If you are clueless about what entails artificial grass, check out some of the features, and where the product can be used to boost your confidence when buying.


  1. 3×3 artificial grass is available in a pile height of up to 35mm.
  2. The C shape in the yarn including a curled PP helps facilitate the artificial grass to stand and look lively.
  3. 3×3 artificial grass comes with 4-tone colour, making it difficult to tell the difference between natural grass and artificial grass.
  4. Manufactured using superior quality materials like polyethylene with strong latex backing to cater to both indoor and outdoor needs.
  5. Artificial grass is produced to resist UV rays.
  6. Perfect for all weather conditions.
  7. 3×3 artificial grass does not require a lot of maintenance to appear beautiful.
  8. 3ftX3ft is very easy for DIY use, light and flexible.


Thinking of installing the 3×3 artificial grass but have no clue that it will blend in with your area? Well, the good news is that the 3×3 artificial grass can be installed both indoors and outdoors. So, if you have a business complex and you wish for your clients to feel in connection with nature, install the 3×3 artificial grass. The product can also be used for light sports around your home, on the deck, pool area, and in the living room. The list is endless!

Product Details


You measure the grass by multiplying the length versus width. If you find it time-consuming, a professional will come in handy and advise on what size you need for your space.

Most people consider density, colour, and durability. We also recommend the same but if you want to enjoy your artificial grass world, choose the 3×3 artificial grass.

No. The 3×3 is the grass measurements and not the entire artificial grass size. So, you can order any size depending on your area and the 3×3 artificial grass will be delivered.

The artificial grass does not remain flat even after packing your car. It will bounce right back to its original form. You can quicken the process by brushing against the direction where the blades are lying.

That’s the thing. 3×3 artificial grass does not get old. It is designed to last for over ten years and due to the nature of most artificial grass products, your grass will not get old.

Not only are our artificial grass products affordable like the 3×3 artificial grass, but we are the most competitive artificial grass manufacturers when it comes to value for money.

It is understandable that you crave a taste of the 3×3 artificial grass. That is why you could install it as part of your living room area if you feel that you will not enjoy it when installed outside.

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