50mm Artificial Grass


50mm artificial grass for landscaping price starts at $3?

Whenever you think of 50mm artificial grass, the first thing that comes to mind is football grass, right? In fact, 50mm artificial grass is also very common in landscaping.

In our opinion, the most common pile height for landscape grass is between 20mm and 40mm. This is the most economical height. Anything over 40mm such as 45mm or 50mm is considered to be a luxury series and very expensive. Is this the case?

Not really! Let me recommend an economical 50 mm lawn today.

This one is one of our star products and the best seller in the market. It is designed in a C-shape, with a combination of lime green and olive in the straight yarn and for the curly yarn, there is an option of both green or green and beige. The Dtex of the lawn is designed in 7800 D. All these specifications make our 50mm artificial grass not only soft but also very firm and not mentioned the appearance is so close to the nature. What’s more, the price is very competitive.

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Commercial area, Residential area, Children’s playground, Hotel Landscaping Area, the top of the roof, wall decoration…

Product Details


It is based on the purpose of you. 20mm~38mm is the best pile height for a tight budget an if the money is not an issue, a higher grass carpet may feel more comfortable.

The most common width for the market is 1M, 2M and 4M. For the US market, the most common width is 13ft and 15ft.

For most importers and manufacturers, we have to take the loading quantity into consideration. That means 2MX25M and 4MX25M are the most common size during production.

The roll of artificial grass can be customized based on the requirements of the clients. We have made many sizes, especially for the supermarket but if mentioned big rolls the most common roll size should be 2M or 4MX25M.

Yes, artificial turf is a very adaptable product and can be used on soils, concrete, tiles etc. However, if longer life and more professional drainage conditions are a concern, it is advisable to use it after a good base. However, for longer life and more professional drainage conditions, we recommend a good base before use.

When mentioned the cheapest artificial grass, must be the 7mm fibrillated artificial grass starts at $1 and when mentioned the cheapest 50mm artificial grass you can find in Tiger Lily Garden starts with$5. That is almost the cheapest 50mm artificial grass you can find in the world.

Yes, 50mm artificial grass is very comfortable artificial grass not only firm but also soft. It can be more pretty with higher density.

Which grass is the softest?

Usually, the yarn is thinner, the grass is softer. And C shape, U shape and S shape are all the best options to get the real soft touch of the artificial grass.

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