50mm Football Turf-S Shape


Apart from diamond football turf, the S-shaped artificial turf is the most suitable option for football and it has very obvious advantages.
1. The stiffness and uprightness of the S-shaped football grass strands are better.
2. It has very superior resilience and slip resistance, and recovers relatively quickly after sporting use.
3. Slightly less abrasion resistant than the diamond shape, but far superior to other yarn shapes.
4. High degree of simulation, closest to natural grass, soft and smooth.
5. Refracts sunlight from all angles, low shine, eyes friendly and slow to heat up in summer.


Indoor and outdoor football pitch.

Product Details


The colour of the S shape of football grass can be customized to any green you like but usually the most popular are field green and lime green colour. When installation, you put one line filed green and one line lime green and put a very eye-catching customized grass logo inside the centre, then the whole pitch will be super special and pretty.

As a manufacturer, I prefer to answer this question from a technical point of view.

In terms of longevity and wear resistance, the Diamond Shape is the best choice. Basically, most of the FIFA approved qualities are made of diamond shape yarn.

But for our common use, the S shape may be better, it has a lot of obvious advantages more nature and better resilience.

Many years ago, artificial grass is not considered professional game flooring. But with the development of hybrid technology and the high simulation of the plastic grass, it is more professional and accepted by many professional games.

We have the FIFA Lab sports report but if requires the field certificate, we have to introduce our partner’s products to you with the certification. But if for not for bidding, but your own project use, we have SGS, Pony, Roash…many other certifications, the quality is equal to FIFA quality but the price is much better.

Like the other artificial grass, our football turf is also made of artificial yarn, mostly PE material because it is more wearable. but unlike the landscaping grass, the football turf is made without the thatched grass, because it needs sand and rubber to make the field both firm and good damping effect.

Yes, that’s for sure. Before the price of artificial grass is a little expensive but now with plenty of supply, the price of artificial grass is down a lot. So from the beginning of installation to the long-term maintenance, The cost of artificial grass is much cheaper than the real grass.

Tiger Lily Garden owns many extrusion machines to make sure the fast lead time and our continuous 24 hours production will make sure your order will be finished within 14 days.

If only this item, if we combine 4M width and 2M together, we can load around 8000~9000SQM.

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