Once you get to interact with the 60 oz artificial turf, you will fall in love with the experience. We know you might feel a bit reluctant especially if this is your first time but relax, and take your time to read through some of its features and benefits. Try the 60 oz artificial turf and we promise, you will feel like you are in your little heaven because you deserve it.


  1. The total weight of the product is 90 oz because of the primary and back weight of 7 oz and 23 oz respectively.
  2. The high face weight makes the turf denser so that it appears more natural.
  3. UV stabilized to survive hot weather conditions without fading.
  4. Has a pile height of 1 ½ inch.
  5. Equipped with a good drainage system.
  6. Available in lush green colour.
  7. Feels soft and natural.


The artificial turf is perfect for your landscaping needs like installation on the deck, swimming pool area, patio, children’s playground, business complexes, hotel outdoor lounge areas, and many other places. 60 oz artificial turf is so bouncy that even if it was installed on a hard base, it would not cause any injury during a fall.

Product Details


The recommended weight for artificial turf should not exceed 6.5 lbs.

The turf weight is what dictates durability and product quality. Therefore, the turf weight is the face weight measured in ounces per square yard.

Artificial turf comes in a size of up to 15 feet wide but it also depends on what product you wish to buy.

The total weight is about 200 pounds for the 60 oz artificial turf. This weight is for 15 inches by 20 inches artificial turf.

Yes. That is an awesome base for the turf including a wooden floor and sand base.

It is not necessary for you to go through the hustle of flattening your surface. The 60 oz artificial turf can be laid on an uneven surface and with the help of a professional, you will be amazed at the outcome.

No. Artificial turf does not blow away because of the backing and other layers beneath it. This means that whether you live in a windy place, there will be no damage because the turf is securely placed on your surface.

You should opt for the 60 oz artificial turf because of its longevity and appearance which makes it hard to tell it apart from natural grass. Its dense-nature also provides a bouncy feel when running or playing.

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