It is agreeable that artificial grass has very many things you need to know about especially its different features and specifications. That is why we are here to empower you with every detail about each artificial grass product such as the 80 oz artificial grass. This product is one of the most durable artificial grass that can sustain heavy foot traffic even if it was installed in a frequently used playground.


  1. Has a thickness of 1.75.
  2. It has a monofilament blade with a backing that is up to athletic standards.
  3. It functions well even when subjected to too much foot traffic.
  4. Has a pile height of 1 ¾ inch.
  5. Available in 15ft wide for any length you require.
  6. Maintenance free.
  7. 80 oz artificial rigid is the best for landscaping purposes.


There are so many places where the 80 oz artificial grass can be installed. Such places range from installing it as part of your landscape, garden area, or even in a kid’s playground. This is because the 80 oz artificial grass is well-dense to sustain any kind of movement or traffic. Feel free to explore the 80 oz artificial grass as an indoor grass carpet if you wish.

Product Details


The 80 oz artificial turf means that it has a face weight of 80 oz. This does not include the primary backing weight of about 7 oz and 23 oz back weight. So, the total is about 110 oz.

Yes. You can order a customized size.

No. Once your customized 80 oz is delivered, it cannot be returned.

No. 80 oz means the weight per square yard. If you wish to know the total weight of your artificial grass, send the measurements and our professionals will calculate and get back to you with the exact weight.

It depends on the type of infill to be used. However, be ready to use up to 2 pounds per square foot of the 80 oz artificial turf.

We have installed the 80 oz artificial turf for a number of clients with the help of our professionals. You could check out photos of how the grass appears when installed if that will help in your decision-making process.

So long as it is not a hard bristled brush, you are good to go. The 80 oz artificial turf is tough but it also needs some tender loving care.

The turf cannot be termed bulky because you do not require moving it around once installed.

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