Turf Adhesive Tape

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Aluminum Foil Self Adhesive Seaming Turf Adhesive Tape

This turf adhesive tape is an aluminium foil-based tape with around 500 g of hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive.

There are obvious advantages to it.

1、High bonding strength, high tensile strength, excellent elasticity and elongation

2、Good adaptability to interface deformation and cracking

3、Excellent chemical resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance

4、Good adhesion, water resistance, sealing, low-temperature resistance and follow-through

5、Good dimensional stability

6、Easy construction and operation process

7、Does not contain any solvent, safe and environmental protection

If you live in a very hot climate, high temperatures can cause your fabric-based tape to fail, but aluminium foil-based tape will easily withstand shrinkage and will not become dry or brittle in extreme weather conditions. The aluminium back also makes it fire-resistant, so you do not have to be concerned about your turf tape catching fire.

Now, you don’t have to worry about mould growing beneath your lawn seams because this turf adhesive tape is not just waterproof but also vapour retardant, so it will not allow any moisture to pass through it.

Our turf adhesive tape comes in shrink packages, so they are easy to carry and store even if you buy in bulk. Contact Tiger Lily Garden for further information.


Best for joining pieces of artificial grass in sports pitches, children’s playgrounds, gardens, balconies, roofs, and recreational areas.

Product Details


You can use synthetic turf seaming adhesive to tape turf. Tiger Lily Garden self-adhesive seaming turf adhesive tape is a high strength, durable, waterproof, and weather-resistant.

  • Lay your clean artificial turf pieces.
  • Roll out your turf adhesive tape with release film on top.
  • Adjust one of your turf pieces to the middle part of the tape.
  • Remove release paper little by little and press the grass piece hard onto it.
  • Repeat with the other piece.

Yes, you can put tape on the turf. Our turf adhesive tape is perfect for seaming your artificial grass with a flawless and lasting finish.

  • Place your clean synthetic turf pieces on the ground.
  • Place your artificial grass adhesive tape on top of the protective paper and roll it out.
  • Move one of your turf pieces to the midpoint of the tape.
  • Remove the release paper bit by bit and push the grass piece firmly onto it.
  • Repeat with the second piece.

To make turf tape stick better, always ensure the back side of your faux turf piece is clean and free of any grease or debris. You can clean the surface by applying rubbing alcohol.

Yes, you can use double-sided tape on artificial grass. It is super easy to install. Just remove the protective paper, stick one adhesive side to the ground, and the turf clipping to the other side of the tape.

You can secure artificial turf edges either by applying turf adhesive to the paved surface or hammering fake grass nails in the ground. The best way to secure the turf edges is to use galvanized U-shaped stakes.

Turf adhesive tape connects pieces of artificial grass and provides a clean-looking seam.

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