Double-Side Artificial Grass Adhesive Tape for Joining Faux Green Lawn


Double-Side Artificial Grass Adhesive Tape for Joining Faux Green Lawn

Want a quick fix for your artificial lawn? Look no further. Our double-sided seaming artificial grass adhesive tape will save you time and money by providing a quick and easy fix for your lawn.

Our artificial grass adhesive tape has hot melt pressure-sensitive glue on both sides with a fabric base carrier that gives the tape its strength and durability, so your fake turf will look great and stay in place. The seaming tape is also UV-resistant, waterproof, and weatherproof.

With its double-sided adhesion, you can also use it to anchor down the edges of your turf. But it will only withstand light foot traffic.

The cost of this artificial grass adhesive tape is a little higher than that of other seaming turf tapes. Both adhesive sides are protected with a release film and rolled in a shrink package so you can carry and handle the tape very conveniently.

Call our sales team for a quote if you plan a quick DIY faux grass seaming project. There are no minimum order requirements; you can order per your needs.


  • Seaming and fixing artificial grass for landscaping and leisure for light traffic.
  • Perfect for holding down indoor and outdoor fake grass mats and carpets.
  • General Stick

Product Details


You may use Tiger Lily Garden’s two-component artificial turf glue to stick artificial grass to concrete. It is high-strength, waterproof, extreme weather-resistant, and environmental-friendly.

At Tiger Lily Garden, we offer different kinds of artificial grass adhesive tape, such as non-adhesive, single-sided self-adhesive, and double-sided, self-adhesive seaming tape. You can choose based on how you plan to install faux grass.

Yes, for the process of seaming, you need artificial grass adhesive tape that will connect different pieces of artificial grass and provide a clean-looking seam.

You attach two pieces of artificial grass by applying a seaming tape. The seaming tape allows the pieces to join in such a way that no seam is visible. This process requires effort and patience.

Seams in artificial turf are often visible because the turf is not placed precisely. you can hide seams in artificial turf by taking care of a few things:

  1. Always give a clean cut to the grass piece before seaming.
  2. Make sure the surface of the turf pieces is free of any grease and debris.
  3. Make sure the grass blades of the two sections are pointing in the same direction.

Yes, you can jet wash your artificial grass if it does not have infills. Always pick up any solids such as pet waste before jet-washing your turf.

Artificial turf does not need replacement quite often. A high-quality turf can last more than ten years.

Once installed, artificial grass usually takes 6 to 8 weeks to settle. We recommend you wait for at least 24 hours after applying seaming adhesive before you start walking on your fake lawn.

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