10mm Synthetic Grass | 340 Stitches Artificial Grass for Walls

10mm Synthetic Grass Features:

1. 10mm, 2200 Dtex yarn with more UV additives which makes it at least 2 years outdoor warranty, so it will be the perfect choice for artificial grass for walls and artificial grass for outdoor use.
2.340 stitches design makes the grass surface very firm which makes it easy for the design for your artificial grass for walls or your landscaping use;
3.The face weight is still very light which makes it easy to hang on the wall and you don’t need to worried about the grass is too heavy and then fall down. The weight won’t be your headache when you chose your artificial grass for walls.
4.Very competitive price, the FOB price of each SQM is only less than $2. It will be a super good choice for your economic artificial grass line to enrich your artificial grass collections.
5.Small Roll Size: The size of each roll is only 28~30CM, so if a 40HQ and 4M width and 2M width combine together, we can load roughly 30,000SQM. This is a very amazing loading quantity which will save you a lot of cost on the shipping charge.
6.Fast Lead Time: Usually 1X40HQ, our lead time will be within 2 weeks.1X20FT container, the lead time even faster around 10~12 days. Which will save you a lot of time o waiting and make sure your finance won’t be occupied for a very long time.

10mm Synthetic Grass Application:

This artificial grass is not only used for wall grass it can be also used in many other places like your doormat, roof grass, your pet grass, indoor decoration, wedding grass, exhibition grass as carpet, background grass for your design in the garden, closet or studio, playground, artificial grass fence …..It can be also considered multi-function grass.
Tiger Lily Garden started our business as a fibrillated yarn manufacturer, we are the best Chinese fibrillated yarn manufacturer in China. And there are more options of our artificial grass for walls. If you need more information, please feel free to contact our service team.

10mm Synthetic Grass Details

FAQ About 10mm Synthetic Grass

Usually, the roll size will be like this for a big roll: The regular width is 1M,2M, 4M. But and width if no less than 5M, it can be all customized. The length usually will be 25M which will be better for loading but it can be also customized based on clients requirements.
The small rolls used in supermarkets, building material markets, or pet stores usually 1MX1M or 1MX2M can also be customized.

Tiger Lily Garden starts our business as a fibrillated yarn manufacturer, we are the best-fibrillated yarn manufacturer in China, so we always have fibrillated yarn for stock. The lead time for a 10mm fibrillated short carpet will be within 14 days.

Yes, sure, artificial grass is a very great choice for your wall decoration. Unlike the other artificial green wall, artificial grass for walls mostly is used as a background for the wall design. Because the way we stick artificial grass is usually by artificial grass special glue or nails so the weight of artificial grass is better to be lighter, or it will be easy to fall down.

It will be very easy if you chose our 10mm or 7mm short carpet because the face weight is very light, some high-quality artificial grass adhesive is enough. But if your choice is a longer fiber with heavy face weight, it will be better to install a wood flame behind the artificial grass and the walls. So you can stick the grass with the nails to avoid it falling down.

These short carpets can not compete with the regular artificial grass for sports or artificial grass for landscaping on warranty years. Because the fiber is too thin. Oxidation occurs under the action of light refraction and reflection. For this item, we are trying to give you 2 years full outdoor warranty.

Sure! 100%. We barely not use the sample machine because of the colour difference and the poor backing. Usually, our artificial grass samples are cutting from the mass product.So what you see will be what you receive in the further.

The MOQ for this 10mm short carpet is at least a 1X20ft container. That means around 10,000SQM.

Yes, sure, free samples are very necessary for you to have an opinion about the products but there are few things please pay attention to. Please click here to check.

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Where Can I Install Artificial Grass Wall?

Artificial grass wall is designed to be installed on different walls.  You can choose to place artificial grass on walls outside your house or inside in your living room.  The best way to install artificial grass walls in the living room or lounge areas is to seek an interior designer’s advice.  If you wish to install the grass yourself, pick a free wall for easier installation.

How do I Install Artificial Grass Wall?

Walls are mostly wooden or made of cement.  To install artificial grass, you need a strong adhesive to ensure the grass remains attached to the wall.  It is also advisable to get a wall sealant and spread it on the wall before sticking the grass.  This will help prevent mold on your wall that would make the grass appear messy.  Therefore, spread your sealant, take your glue or adhesive, apply it to the wall, and stick your grass.

What Tools can I Use to Install my Artificial Grass Wall?

There are specific tools to use when installing grass on the wall.  These include a staple gun, tape measure, adhesive or glue, chalk, scissors, and safety goggles.  The chalk is used to mark the wall to install the grass according to the measurements.

Why Should I Install Artificial Grass Wall?

Artificial grass wall has many benefits inside and outside your home.  The grass prevents damage to your wall and can be used for design purposes.  Most homeowners use artificial grass walls to enhance their outdoor and indoor appearance.  You can install fake grass walls as a form of design or protect your wall against harsh conditions.

What Accessories Can I Use for Artificial Grass Wall?

Installing an artificial grass wall on its own may not bring the desired look for most people.  You may want to accessorize the look by adding lights underneath the wall to provide a glowing effect.  Putting the light on top of the grass is also a brilliant idea.  Another way to accessorize is by using natural lighting to improve the look.  Install the grass wall in a room that allows natural light to make it appear natural.

Can I Use Infill when Installing Artificial Grass Wall?

Infill is not needed when installing artificial grass walls.  Since the grass is placed vertically, adding infill is impossible because it will slide off.  A little glue or adhesive is what is needed.

How do I Avoid Dust on Artificial Grass Wall?

It is impossible to avoid dust on your wall after placing artificial grass.  This is especially true if the grass is placed on walls outside the house.  However, you need to sprinkle water on your walls to wash off the dirt.

How Will I Know the Best Specifications for Artificial Grass Wall?

Artificial grass varies according to material and pile height, among other specifications like color.  If you have no idea about the type of artificial grass to install, you may check the options.  It depends on what you find attractive for the walls, and professional help also gives a clear direction.

What is 3G Artificial Grass?

The name 3G means third generation synthetic surfaces. The grass contains rubber infill, sand infill, and synthetic turf that stand at a 65mm pile height. 3G grass is suitable for sports such as rugby and football and can also be installed in high foot traffic areas.

Do I Need a Shock Absorbent when Installing 3G Artificial Grass?

You can choose to install 3G artificial grass with a shock absorbent. However, this only applies to sports fields because it is a requirement to have shock pads underneath the 3G artificial grass. If your intention is to use 3G artificial grass around your home, you do not need the shock absorbent during installation.

Why Is it Recommended to Install 3G Artificial Grass on Pitches?

Installing 3G artificial grass on pitches is recommended because it is durable. Even though more people come to train on pitches with 3G artificial grass frequently, it is very hard for the grass to get worn out. The grass also provides a quality playing area including the ability for the ball to bounce back and roll.

How Long Does a 3G Artificial Grass Last?

The average duration that the 3G artificial grass will last is ten years. Other people say that their grass has stayed more than ten years because of how they maintain 3G artificial grass. Foot traffic also dictates the duration the grass can last because if it is not used frequently, there will be a slow wear and tear process.

How Can I Maintain 3G Artificial Grass?

Similar to how other types of artificial are maintained, 3G artificial grass is also maintained by cleaning and preventing contact of sharp or flammable objects. It is also recommended that you brush the grass at least twice weekly with monthly deep cleaning services from a professional. If your area is not busy, you may do deep cleaning once every three months.

What Should I Consider Before Buying 3G Artificial Grass?

Having artificial grass for the first time should not be as difficult as you think. Decide where you want the grass installed and talk to a professional about the space and how you will use your 3G artificial grass. This will help understand the specifications for the grass that will satisfy your needs.

How Much Does 3G Artificial Grass Cost?

The average artificial grass costs from $ 6.00 to $ 18.80 per square foot. You can get 3G artificial grass for $ 12.35 per square foot and the size of your area will determine the total amount you should get to buy the grass.

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