Artificial Grass Joint Tape—Nonwoven Material


As the name implies, non-woven artificial grass joint tape uses the nonwoven material as the base material. Compared with the cheaper PP fabric artificial grass joint tape, the price of non-woven joint tape is slightly higher but the performance is more stable. The white non-woven artificial grass joint tape has a unique suede fiber design, which forms a good adsorption capacity with the artificial turf glue and makes the joint part have better adhesion.
With the two-component artificial turf glue and the correct construction method, it will make the whole site more beautiful and solid.


  • It is mainly used for the installation and laying of artificial turf in home yards and high-end yard design.
  • It is mainly used in combination with two-component artificial turf glue.

Product Details


Yes, sure. Waterproof ability is very necessary for the accessories under the artificial grass carpet after installation. But it is better to keep the nonwoven artificial grass joint tape try before loading, or it won’t glue tight during the installation.

The joint tape last around 1~2 years when you store them in the warehouse and it will last at least 6~8 years after installation. UV is the enemy of the joint tape.

No, the joint tape does not come with adhesive. It can be only used with the other artificial grass special adhesive.

The general width for landscaping grass is 20cm and for sport grass is 30cm and the length can be customized. But 50M is the most popular,

For regular products, usually takes 3~7 days and if for customized products with a special logo usually cost 2 weeks.

Yes , it is ,the material is PP nonwoven which is almost the top-level synthetic grass joint tape.

It depends on the purchased quantity, the more you buy the price is cheaper but basically, the price is roughly $0.6/M.

There is no MOQ limit when doing the purchase, Small quantity is still warmly welcomed. Tiger Lily Garden always provides you with the best options.

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