Artificial Grass Stakes


U-shaped Galvanized Steel and Nail-head Painted Artificial Grass Stakes

Do you worry about simple artificial grass stakes shining through your faux grass but do not want to buy the expensive ones either? You might want to buy our U-shaped galvanized artificial grass stakes with their nail-head painted.

These galvanized steel artificial grass stakes have a trapezoidal design with the nail-head painted dark green to match your grass colour. The material along with the shape provides high tensile strength, durability, and rust resistance.

The square heads have a 4 mm diameter, so you can easily hammer them into the ground. The shape also allows an effective edging solution to your turf seaming.

The price of our artificial grass stakes is reasonable enough to feel light on your pocket even if you buy in bulk.

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For fixing the artificial turf on golf courses, garden lawns, and playgrounds.

Product Details


You can use landscaping staples to stake down artificial grass. Just hammer 6 to 8 inches long nails into the ground along the edges of your lawn.

Yes, to secure the edges, give your lawn a clean look, and get rid of any wrinkles, you can put artificial grass stakes in your turf.

You can secure the edges of artificial grass by tacking down fake grass nails along the edges. Simply use a hammer to stack down grass staples around 12 inches apart along the edges of the lawn.

Rake, broom, or power brush against the direction of the grass blades to prevent your turf from going flat and keep the grains standing up. It will also make your lawn look natural.

Yes, you can put things, such as furniture, stepping stones, and flower pots on artificial grass. Avoid putting things with sharp edges.

Artificial grass is just like carpet. You can put a lot of weight on your artificial grass as long as it does not have sharp edges. However, if you keep some heavy object on the turf for long, its blades might flatten out in that area.

To get your artificial grass to lay flat, you must remove all the ripples and wrinkles.

  • Brush the rippled area. If it is around the edges, then stretch out the perimeter.
  • Let the grass rest for 24 hours.
  • Secure the edges properly.

Although artificial grass has high resistance to weed growth, weeds can grow around the edges of the lawn or through the backing of the turf.

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