20mm Artificial Lawn for Sale


Are you looking for some cheap artificial lawn? I know you must have some occasions where you want to make it look nice, but don’t want to spend too much, like a party for the kids, a two-day exhibition or a lawn wedding. You need it to be beautiful, but safe and as low budget as possible. Yes, our hard-earned money must not go to waste. So when you’re looking for artificial lawns for sale you don’t always have to look for a stock that no one wants. Our brand new artificial lawn is sure to meet your needs for safety, beauty and low prices.

We have designed this grass to be 20mm. 140 stitches and 5500Dtex. The fine, soft, 100% Virgin material is safe, comfortable and very competitively priced, with prices starting at $1.90.


Wall Grass, Party use, Artificial Grass Wedding, Exhibition…

Product Details


If the cheapest way is to use nails as much as possible, then go to the supermarket and buy some carpet glue and put it on the PP cloth in dots, this will be the cheapest and least expensive way to install artificial grass while maintaining quality. However, if there is sufficient rainfall, we recommend a professional team to do the job.

Artificial grass is a plastic product and in summer the temperature in the sun can be 6-8 degrees Celsius higher than the surrounding area, which is the most direct disadvantage of artificial grass.

Tiger Lily Garden is a conscientious manufacturer, all our lawns are made from 100% raw materials, no heavy metals, secondary recycled materials etc. Our cheap prices are based on process management and extreme cost control. Even though the price is much lower than other suppliers, we can guarantee that all our products are healthy and safe.

For those who are good with their hands, this is no problem. Make sure you have all the accessories you need, including glue, seaming tape, artificial grass nails, cutting knives, markers, rulers, etc., before you lay the grass.

Then level the foundation, compact it as much as possible, leave a slope and finally measure the grass, lay it down and treat the joints.

DIY lawns are a lot of fun, so enjoy the DIY experience for yourself and your family!

Because we have controlled the price of this product to the extreme, only enough orders can be placed to ensure that our losses are covered and that the price is the lowest in the factory in China.

If you place an order and we happen to have the same order in progress, then there is no MOQ limit, so please get in touch with our sales team.

We have a wide range of colours and shapes for artificial lawn, from 3 to 4 colours and 6 colours, with ribbed, C, W, U shapes and more. So, please contact our service team and let us recommend the best product for you.

Before 2018, artificial grass was still defined as a luxury product, mainly because there were relatively few factories and not enough advantages in the industrial chain.

As the industry has developed, technology has matured, raw material prices have become lower and lower, the economies of scale of the product have come to the fore and prices have dropped significantly, artificial grass is no longer a luxury item but is gradually becoming a fast-moving product. You can update the artificial lawn in your yard every few years to suit your preferences.

The cheapest artificial lawn for sale is definitely Tiger Lily Garden’s 7mm short carpet and this 20mm artificial lawn, which starts from as little as $1 but is guaranteed to be 100% raw, safe and non-toxic.

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