Artificial turf pins are important accessories that hold your artificial turf to the ground and they come in a U-shape. The shape allows them to remain firm and secure your turf without coming off. You may wonder how small pins can secure meters of artificial turf. Well, that is because you get to use a number of pins to place the turf and the magic with the pins is that they can be reused. The best artificial turf pins are the ones that are galvanized and painted on the nail head. Have no idea why the types of pins are the most sought for? Let us give you some facts about the product and you will want them as part of your artificial turf accessories.


  1. The turf pins come in U shape and can be painted on the head in color green to help blend with the grass.
  2. Artificial turf pins come in different heights such as the 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm, including a standard width of 40mm.
  3. The good thing about artificial turf pins is that they are customized and packaged according to your request.
  4. The pins do not require rocket science to install on the ground because they are sharp-edged to pierce the turf and ground by using a hammer.
  5. They are durable and can be reused since they are galvanized, preventing them from rusting.
  6. Artificial turf pins are light and so very easy to work with them.


Artificial turf pins can be used for application in different types of turf such as turf for playgrounds, sports fields, landscaping, pool areas, sloppy terrains, and gardens.

Product Details


The edges of artificial turf are the ones that required securing, meaning that your turf pins should be located there. Having the pins in the middle of the turf will leave the edges without enough restrain and make the curl up.

Yes. We can customize a nail head that is similar to your turf’s colour.

The thicker the turf, the longer the height of turf pin you will require. The pin has a height of up to 200mm.

The colour on the nail head could fade but the pin will not rust because it has been galvanized.

No matter how small you see the turf pins, they are strong and durable enough to secure your turf on any landscape even the sloppy one.

Not really. We are flexible enough to understand that you might not need as many pins for your turf. That is why we give clients the freedom to dictate the number of pins and we can agree on how many pieces can be dispatched.

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