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Gemini artificial grass is famous for its versatile nature, a naturally appearing design that will come at a very competitive price. Gemini grass is an inspiration from the zodiac sign Gemini which for the people is a sign of charming and intelligent nature. In the same way, if you buy Gemini grass you will get an intelligent investment in the right product.

TigerLilyGarden manufactures Gemini artificial grass and supplies time to all artificial grass importers worldwide. To get all-rounder Gemini grass at a Wholesale Price. We will recommend you to buy only from our certified artificial grass importers, otherwise, chances are there, where you will get a fake and low-quality Gemini grass copy.

Gemini artificial grass comes with the best raw material which makes it strong and flexible to stay long in the journey. Amazingly designed grass blades will give a nice feel of walking and greenery same as real natural grass.


The first step towards creating an artificial grass landscape of your idea is to buy the right grass.

How-To Know If Someone Is A Real Gemini Grass Importer.

Many artificial grass importers do not prioritize giving the best quality grass to customers; they simply buy copies and make high profits from poor-quality products.

Real artificial grass importers associated with TigerLilyGarden will be a verified and big dealer in the market.  This is the first step to know a genuine artificial grass importer, they will always show you the real pictures of grass and help you to support in every aspect of knowing the product.

The second way is to check the quality if it is real.

TigerlilyGarden manufacturer and supply the quality product directly to the artificial grass importers worldwide. The customers should do a quick check about the product specifications if it is matching with our final finished grass. This comparison between the qualities will reveal all about the artificial grass importer if they are fake or real. Only buy good quality Gemini grass.

After successfully buying the Gemini grass from a real artificial grass importer. The second step is to apply it, which you can do yourself easily; you can also call the artificial grass importer that will give you installation services at a minimum or no price (Depends upon their policies).


With various advantages of artificial grass, you will get something extra with Gemini grass.

Tiger lily garden always uses best practices to manufacture amazing quality artificial turf. If you buy real Gemini grass from our artificial grass importers you will get the smart solution. We called it smart because;

Gemini Grass Is Flexible And Durable For The Long Run.

After applying in any area inside or outside, you will never get any complaints about Gemini grass. Our artificial grass importer will make sure to give you the right facility of Gemini grass installation services, which will apply the grass as per your idea, and proper procedures. A successful and best lying of Gemini grass will stay the same in look and quality for years.

Product Details

General Applications

cheap artificial grass application

Project Barriers


Courtyard Landscape



artificial grass for balcony



artificial grass for swimming pool

Swimming Pool

artificial grass for wedding

Grass Wedding

artificial grass for commercial

Commercial Area

Cost Analysis

The price of artificial grass is connected with many elements, but the most relevant are: Face Weight, price of raw material, sea freight and exchange rate.

Lead Time Estimation

artificial grass for multifunction manufacturer in China

Stock Samples Lead Time

For our common imported artificial grass, we usually prepare enough promotion samples 30CMX30CM. So you can get free samples quickly and easily. What you need to do is sending us a samples requirement, the samples will be ready within 2 days and the delivery express will take 3~7 days.

custom artificial grass 07

Custom Samples Lead Time

For custom products, the lead time is based on your yarn requirement, If we have stock yarn or ongoing imported grass orders that will be faster or the lead time will be longer from extruding yarn to tufting. We will try to be fast, 10~14 days will be ok and the delivery express will take 3~7 days.

artificial grass yarn machine

Production Lead Time

It depends on different items and the order quantity. Usually, the fibrillated yarn grass will be fast 10~14 days when imported, the artificial landscaping grass will be longer 18~21 days. And usually, the quantity is more,  the lead time is faster because it will save us a lot of time to adjust the machine.

artificial grass shipment

Shipping Lead Time

For our imported artificial grass and other artificial plants, it will be better to ship out by sea because it is too heavy and the value of our plastic plants is not very high. Sea shipping is the most cost-performance shipping way. It takes around 14 days for the Asia area and 20~30 days for the other countries.

Why Tiger Lily Garden

Chinese artificial grass factory
  • More than 10 years of rich factory and export experience;
  • Very professional from the raw material to final products, we do all in the house;
  • Serious attitude, we care about our clients and will take good care of every single detail;
  • Good communication, you can always get a quick reply 7X24, no delay and no pushing sales;
  • Reliable after-sales service, we will completely communicate about all notes before order and you will always get a positive reply after sales which brings you a good experience and ongoing profit;
  • Full certificate for any requirement of your products.


How to Install Artificial Grass?

artificial grass installation

Gemini grass is itself self-sufficient to give you the best greenery for the long term, it doesn’t require any maintenance. But make sure not to do rough activities which might damage the blades. Otherwise, just clean the grass gently every week.

Gemini grass is a good alternative for real grass; it is more than that. You can buy it from different artificial grass importers in the world. All you will get is the best product at a very competitive price.

Gemini grass is made with the latest technology of manufacturing which makes sure that it can stay the same color even in extreme conditions. An extra color coat on the grass blades makes sure it’s a good appearance and never loses its beauty.

Gemini grass is flexible and adaptable to different shapes that is why it is possible to install any flat area. But if you are buying it for an outside purpose, then It is suggested that you must take the service of professional artificial grass installation companies, they will apply some extra layers like weed matting that will give protection to the artificial grass mat from weeds, which sometimes appear under the grass and damage the artificial grass blades. Just take into consideration and get advice on installation while buying from the artificial grass importer.

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