Boxwood Wall Panels


We provide more than anyone else for a lower price! Realistic appearance because of the taller, four-layered leaves (not 3). Our thicker grass décor panels (400 stitches per tile panel) provide superior privacy hedges because they are not “see-through.” Our foliage’s leaf stems are free of plastic blurs and are spotless. Our boxwood wall panels are durable, reliable, and UV-protected, and they don’t fade when used outside.

Our boxwood wall panels are constructed from SGS-certified premium polyethylene.


Use for patios, porches, privacy screens, wooden fences, yards, backyards, walks, home, and office facades, wedding photography backdrops, stage backdrops, and more are just a few examples of external applications. Our grass panels can be used as interior decorations for a balcony, living room, trellis, study room, patio, bathroom, official workspace, welcome desk, and more.

Product Details


A hedge wall is a free-standing, three-dimensional wall covered in real or artificial hedges that can serve as a magnificent privacy screen or backdrop for photo shoots and media events. To create a hedge wall, artificial hedge panels could be installed on top of an existing wall. It can assist give a wall that might otherwise be unsightly some texture and color.

  1. Add two nails to each panel along the top of your wall.
  2. The panel should be hung from the nails by the top loops.
  3. Add two more nails horizontally, then hang the following panel on those nails.
  4. The two panels should be joined at the boundary between them. For them to join smoothly, you must make sure they are turned so that one side has loops and the other has hooks.
  5. To complete your horizontal row, repeat this action.
  6. Begin the second row. The panel should be nailed to the wall, hung on the nails, and then hooked to the panels above and below it. The second pair of hands can be useful for this.
  7. Continue until all panels are full.
  8. By flipping the panels over and using scissors to cut the plastic, cutting the panels is simple. To ensure that the piece you are chopping off will fit into the puzzle properly, double-check that it has the proper connectors—loops or hooks—on the right sides.
  9. After hanging all of your pieces, put in more nails.

  1. Get a plywood piece big enough for the wall size.
  2. Paint the plywood board black or green to hide the wood colour.
  3. Now, join the hedge panels using the snap-and-lock system, and secure them further with cable ties.
  4. Staple the panels to the wall using a staple gun. Make sure you staple across the plastic mesh on the back of the panel.

You can attach boxwood panels with interconnecting links, also known as the snap-and-lock system. You can further secure them by tying them with zip ties. To attach boxwood panels to a wall, you can staple the panel to the wall with a staple gun.

You can make a backdrop for a green wall by simply attaching faux grass boxwood panels to the backdrop stand. To make a backdrop stand, use Oriented standard board panels and join them with nuts and bolts. Paint the surface black or green to hide the wooden colour. Attach a stand to the board. Use this surface to attach your grass panels to create a green wall.

Although it might seem difficult, installing our artificial hedge panels on a brick wall is very easy.

  1. Use chalk or a pencil to outline the area, then use a 5mm masonry drill bit to pre-drill holes, spaced roughly every 25 cm.
  2. After holding the panel upright, firmly grasp the plastic backing while you insert a 5mm Nylon Plug with a washer.
  3. Completely pound the nylon plug-in.

You can attach greenery panels to a timber wall using a staple gun.

  1. Hold the panel straight up.
  2. Expose the backing mesh of the panel.
  3. On the opposite end, staple both sides of the plastic mesh upward.
  4. Continue stapling every 25 cm apart, or even closer if you live in a high wind area.

Artificial plants can be stuck on the wall using a strong artificial grass glue or adhesive.

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