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What is Capricorn Artificial Grass?

Capricorn symbolizes a cautious and reserved character with a strong-willed personality. Capricorn artificial grass depicts a similar feature as it provides that anticipated look of quality imported artificial grass from China. Landscapes with artificial grass are hardly differentiated from natural grass because the grass contains a density ranging from 25200 to 27825mm. The Capricorn imported artificial grass made in China is also characterized by its thickness, natural shine, and shape, making the landscape a stunning view. Similarly, the flat yarn shape with a 4 tone color makes the balconies, pool fronts, and yards appear natural due to its pile height that goes up to 40mm to achieve that natural outdoor appearance.

Capricorn Artificial Grass versus Natural Grass

Natural grass takes some work to maintain and consumes water and weed, often weed checking and removal. However, the imported artificial grass is non-toxic grass with a reasonable pile height and density that does not harm pets or children while playing. The turf is perfect for decorating indoors because of its flat shape that does not appear artificial. During the dry season, natural grass may appear dry and yellowish in the case that it is not maintained, while the Capricorn artificial grass will retain its color since the sun cannot produce a scorching effect on the grass.


Saving the environment by preserving natural resources such as water has become a trend towards fighting the consequences of global warming. Capricorn artificial grass has come as a substitute for natural grass. One has to use water for the grass to remain appealing with the occasional spraying of pesticides that could harm the environment.

Try out the Capricorn imported artificial grass for that beautiful turf and attractive indoor appearance or outdoor presentation that involves low maintenance and longevity due to its material and other features. In case you wish to try out artificial grass, go for Capricorn, as its features represent the characteristics of the zodiac sign that mimics a reserved and relaxed environment for both indoors and outdoors.

Product Details

General Applications

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Project Barriers


Courtyard Landscape



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Swimming Pool

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Grass Wedding

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Commercial Area

Cost Analysis

The price of artificial grass is connected with many elements, but the most relevant are: Face Weight, price of raw material, sea freight and exchange rate.

Lead Time Estimation

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Stock Samples Lead Time

For our common imported artificial grass, we usually prepare enough promotion samples 30CMX30CM. So you can get free samples quickly and easily. What you need to do is sending us a samples requirement, the samples will be ready within 2 days and the delivery express will take 3~7 days.

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Custom Samples Lead Time

For custom products, the lead time is based on your yarn requirement, If we have stock yarn or ongoing imported grass orders that will be faster or the lead time will be longer from extruding yarn to tufting. We will try to be fast, 10~14 days will be ok and the delivery express will take 3~7 days.

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Production Lead Time

It depends on different items and the order quantity. Usually, the fibrillated yarn grass will be fast 10~14 days when imported, the artificial landscaping grass will be longer 18~21 days. And usually, the quantity is more,  the lead time is faster because it will save us a lot of time to adjust the machine.

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Shipping Lead Time

For our imported artificial grass and other artificial plants, it will be better to ship out by sea because it is too heavy and the value of our plastic plants is not very high. Sea shipping is the most cost-performance shipping way. It takes around 14 days for the Asia area and 20~30 days for the other countries.

Why Tiger Lily Garden

Chinese artificial grass factory
  • More than 10 years of rich factory and export experience;
  • Very professional from the raw material to final products, we do all in the house;
  • Serious attitude, we care about our clients and will take good care of every single detail;
  • Good communication, you can always get a quick reply 7X24, no delay and no pushing sales;
  • Reliable after-sales service, we will completely communicate about all notes before order and you will always get a positive reply after sales which brings you a good experience and ongoing profit;
  • Full certificate for any requirement of your products.


How to Install Artificial Grass?

artificial grass installation

No. The yarn shape, density, and pile height range from 30mm to 40mm, making it unlikely for the grass to become flat after long-term use. That is why Capricorn artificial grass is among the best imported artificial grass worldwide, as it retains its natural appeal enhanced by its features.

Yes, the grass prevents infestation from pests and other insects. Although the grass mimics natural grass, it is not edible for small animals and insects, making it difficult for invasion by pests.

This is a material laid over the grass when the artificial grass is being installed to help the lawn last for a long time.

It depends on the type of infill used when setting or installing the grass. However, when a suitable infill is placed to match the quality of the grass in this case, Capricorn artificial grass reflects heat rather than maintaining it for a more astounding landscape.

Of course! In fact, opting for the grass indoors in place of the typical carpet décor is not a bad idea as the grass blends well with pieces of furniture comfortable enough for the kids and pets. The shape and color of the imported artificial grass are outstandingly blended to simplify maintenance, reducing unwanted mess around the house.

Despite Capricorn artificial grass having different densities and pile heights, all the features fit indoors, in the yard, or the swimming area. The density and pile height difference comes when one wants shorter-looking artificial grass as their lawn even though the different features narrow down to achieving the desired look. The difference is visible from physical observation, but all our imported artificial grass’s pile heights and densities are applicable indoors or outdoors.

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