7mm 1850Dtex Cheap Artificial Grass , Cheap Fake Grass Rolls


1.Short Pile height which will be easy to clean and low down the price of each roll of our artificial grass carpet.
2.Very light face weight, which will be easy to deliver, install and easy to stick to the wall. The normal artificial grass usually very heavy almost 2~3KG/SQM which makes them very hard to be fixed on the wall.
3.Low Price. This cheap artificial grass starts at $1. You don’t need to worry about buying the wrong product at an expensive price. It also saves you a lot of money. It can be also customized with many other specifications based on your requirements.


This cheap artificial grass has a very wide application that can be used on the wall, the roof, and the show window used as the background. It can be also used as the dog’s pee and poop discarded carpet. It can also be used as the walking carpet for the exhibition or wedding… The application more than you can imagine.

Product Details


The roll size of our 7mm cheap artificial grass carpet can be customized. But the standard size is 2MX25M or 4MX25M. Regarding the width, we can do any meter below 5M. Regarding the length, there is no limit. Based on our loading experience, 25M length will be loaded more.

This 7mm cheap artificial grass is one of our hot sellers. Because of the excellent cost performance. So the lead time can be very quick, for any 1X20Ft container or 40HQ, our lead time will be within 10 days. Our fast lead time can meet your urgent product requirement and brings you no cash flow pressure.

That is another character that Tiger Lily Garden will impress you. We control very well the roll diameter. Each roll only 28CM ~30CM.So if a 40HQ 2M width and 4M width combine together, we can load roughly 30,000SQM. And 1X20FT container will be more than 12,000SQM which saves you a lot of cost on sea freight.

Tiger Lily Garden is a very honest and professional artificial turf manufacturer in China. We insist to share all the truth with our clients, no cheating and no hiding.
Regarding this 7mm fibrillated artificial grass we can only give you a 1-year warranty. Because the fiber is too thin which makes it can not consist long under the outdoor sunshine.

Please don’t worry about the pullout capacity. We produce the product at a competitive price does not by using a lower quality of material but by scientific design and market research. We promise all these materials are 100% raw material no heavy metal, no toxic substance. The backing is very good quality.

Tiger Lily Garden believe in modest profit and this is a fully competitive market. All information will be easy to get in the market. After you compare, you will find we only keep a tiny profit. And this one is our promotion product, usually, we don’t provide any more discounts. But anything, feels free to contact our service team. let’s see how can we meet your price-sensitive requirement.

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How long is a roll of fake grass?

When you buy fake grass, the roll delivered to you is around 4 meters long.

What size are artificial grass rolls?

Most full fake grass rolls are 12 to 15 feet wide. The length can be cut up to 100 feet, according to the size of the lawn.

What should you put under artificial grass?

You should put silica sand infill or acrylic sand infill under artificial grass. Both are the most popular and effective choices. The sand infills protect your grass from UV radiation and prolong its life.

How do you lay a roll of artificial grass?

  • Prep the ground by spraying with a weed killer and then digging out the topsoil.
  • Compact the soil.
  • Lay a base of sharp sand or granite dust.
  • Lay your fake grass roll on the base.
  • Trim the edges where necessary.
  • Use adhesive tape or nails to join the edges together.
  • Brush your turf.
  • Cherish your beautiful landscape.

Can I lay artificial grass on the soil?

No, you cannot lay artificial grass directly on the soil. You must remove all the organic matter and lay a solid base before installing your artificial grass. Even a thin base will be strong enough to support your synthetic turf.

What is the widest roll of artificial grass?

The widest roll of artificial grass is 5 m wide. It is suitable for large gardens and huge commercial areas.

How thick is artificial grass?

Artificial grass can be 20-50 mm thick. However, we recommend choosing a thickness, or pile height, of around 20-30 mm for a natural, freshly mowed grass look.

Does artificial grass come in 3m width?

Yes, artificial grass comes in 3m width too. You can choose a 3m wide fake grass roll from a variety of options available at Tiger Lily Garden.

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