Polyethene Artificial Grass


Low Dtex Fibrillated artificial grass is the cheapest artificial grass all over the world with the price starting at the price of $0.9/SQM. This grass is particularly advantageous in specific situations where it is used less frequently, where it is more price sensitive, or where a grass base is required, for example for walls with other Green Wall applications.

  1. The grass surface is 15mm high, which is not too short and gives a visual impression of denseness;
  2. The use of 1850D and 2200Dtex fibrillated grass yarn, with a fine, soft yarn that feels like stroking animal fur and is very smooth;
  3. The number of stitches ranges from 220 to 400, 100CM, 320~340 stitches are recommended, this density is not too hard and makes up for the collapsed feeling brought by too fine grass yarn;
  4. Large loading capacity, 1X40HQ can be loaded with about 30,000 square meters, which greatly saves the freight cost and the price per square meter is the cheapest;
  5. Lighter in weight, our 15mm cheapest artificial grass is easier to use for wall decoration than other artificial grasses.


Shop window displays, exhibition floors, wedding or party floors, shelters, and wall coverings. Entrance carpeting, event flooring, pet toilet training mats, etc.

Product Details


To be honest the least expensive artificial turf is the low dtex fibrillated turf from Tiger Lily Garden with the pile height from 7mm~15mm and with the Dtex from 1850D~2200D.

How cheap it will be? It starts from$0.9/SQM which equals $0.08/SQFT. If only considering the price, you can not find any products less price than this.

The fake grass cost is very different. The price depends on the class of the material, the face weight and the warranty. But for regular items, the landscaping cost is around $3~$6/SQM and the cost of the sports around $3~$5/SQM (FOB price for importers, not including the delivery, the tax, the warehouse and the installation.)

The price of fake grass depends on many things, from the source, the factory’s ability to control the product is important. tiger lily garden, a Chinese artificial turf manufacturer, promises the lowest prices in the world for the same quality.

The second aspect is whether you need to install it and how fine the installation is. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, then buying just the materials will still not be expensive. But if you need a paving company to do the base repair, weeding and cutting the shape, then these more professional people will do a better job and of course, cost more.

But the investment is in the long term. Artificial turf is long-lasting, free from care and has no chemically harmful substances, so this is cost-effective in the long run.

In terms of feedback from customers, yes, people will include their own hidden costs when buying a house. A house with artificial turf is visually more beautiful and you don’t have to take care of the garden after you buy it, all of which adds to the value of the house.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of artificial turf is that there are no paving restrictions. You can lay it in any area.

In summary.

The advantages of a natural lawn are that it can contain water and is slow to warm up in the summer, the disadvantage is that it needs constant care including cutting, fertilizing, loosening, chemical removal, watering, etc.

Artificial turf heats up quickly in the summer when the outdoor temperature is extremely high, but is maintenance-free and has a long life span.

You can choose according to your time and budget.

As an artificial turf factory lawn, weep holes are made to ensure that the water seepage is not less than 60L/hr.

However, for the cheapest artificial grass, if water infiltration is required, the perforation can be dispensed with so that the grass surface looks better.

Tiger Lily Garden offers customised service.

Yes, artificial turf can be laid on any surface.

However, given the tenacity of real grass and the slow penetration of rain on ordinary soil after rain, we recommend hardening the ground and laying the membrane at the same time.

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