COMMERCIAL SYNTHETIC TURF| Non-infilling Soccer Grass

Want that synthetic turf that looks awesome and is durable? Commercial business owners have been left in dilemmas for a long time looking for a long lasting solution to their spaces. The agony of having to repair grass after that football match or any other game is now over. Technology has enabled the production of commercial synthetic turf suitable for all commercial projects. Yes! The turf is tough enough to hold more pressure than you can imagine and soft enough to players, and clients in other events.


  1. High-density turf, no need to add a lot of sand and elastic particles, true non-infill sports grass
  2. Commercial synthetic turf can be found in different features to cater to any type of commercial business.
  3. The turf follows safety standards so you rest assured of an environmentally friendly product.
  4. Available in different colors, heights, and lengths depending on the type of game, foot traffic, and demand from the client.
  5. The installation process is simple with the time-varying based on the size of your area.
  6. No need for watering, mowing, spraying pesticides, or any other maintenance routine performed on natural grass. Commercial synthetic turf is made of 100% synthetic material.


Mostly for Mini Soccer Field. You can also enjoy commercial synthetic turf on playgrounds, parks, community play spaces, rooftop hotels, sports fields, and at events such as concerts, exhibitions, and shows.

Product Details

Factory Introduction

Production Progress

Tiger Lily Garden factory raw material

Raw Material

Chinese artificial grass yarn factory

Monofilament Yarn 

Thatched Yarn 

artificial grass twisted yarn manufacturer

Yarn Twisting

Tufting of artificial grass


Tiger Lily Garden Factory Coating



factory Loading Containers


Grass Comparison

Grass from Tiger Lily Garden

landscaping artificial grass

100% Raw Material

Sourced from Sinopec and quality is guaranteed.

Authoritative Certification

Heavy metals, formaldehyde, and other substances in accordance with EU SGS certification

Long Life Span

Passed UVA laboratory anti-aging test.

Grass from the Others

artificial grass carpet

Reuse of  Recycled Material

Reuse of recycled material and poor grass yarn quality.

No Certificate

Formaldehyde and heavy metals are excessive and dangerous to health.

Short Life Span

After a period of use, the grass starts to powder.


We cannot tell the price for installing commercial synthetic turf since there are no measurements to determine the total cost. That is why we request for sending your preferred product specifications and space size for a quote.

It is not necessary unless your space is relatively huge. Otherwise, other types of synthetic turf can still work.

Saying that commercial synthetic turf is low maintenance does not mean that you should not check your turf for fallen leaves, dirt, or other foreign objects and remove them. That kind of care will lengthen your turf’s lifespan.

Sand protects and provides stability for the turf. It also ensures your turf remains standing straight.

It is recommended that you install a sub-base of a minimum of 70mm and a maximum of 100mm.

The best type of sand is sharp sand since it has big grains, making it coarse and strong to prevent commercial synthetic turf from sliding. Using soft sand is not advisable because it is not solid enough to maintain a strong or even surface for the turf to thrive.

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