Curly Yarn Gym Grass


Gym grass curly yarn is a type of yarn that is designed for use in gymnasiums. It is made from a blend of synthetic fibers that are resistant to wear and tear, and it has a curl pattern that helps to grip the floor and prevent slipping. The gym grass curly yarn is a great way to add extra safety to your gym.

The advantages of using curly yarn grass for the gym are as follows: the grass surface is flat, which makes it ideal for sports such as pushing and skating.

The grass surface is curled, so there is very little wear and tear and it will look as good as new for a long time.

It feels tight and firm underfoot. Good cushioning after bouncing.

Vibrant colours and a variety of designs. A great way to bring indoor sports to life. You’ll never get bored on the Gym Grass.


This grass can be used for various applications, including flooring, mats, and other sports equipment. It is also available in various colours to match your gym’s colour scheme.

Product Details


Commonly used in gymnasiums is the grass with scaled, straight and curly yarn mix or pure curly yarn grass carpet.

The straight mixed turf is mainly used in private training or fitness areas.

The curly yarn synthetic turf is used in a wide range of applications, including strength, equipment, personal training and fitness areas, and is the most adaptable type of synthetic turf.

Artificial turf is the most suitable carpet for home fitness.

Firstly, artificial turf is light, made of plastic, has a high safety factor and its shock absorption and protection are all very good.

Secondly, fitness carpets made of artificial turf are very aesthetically pleasing and can be printed with various functional patterns.

Thirdly, when not in use she is also a very beautiful garden grass carpet. It adds to the aesthetic appeal.

Traditionally, gyms have used black rubber mats as floor coverings, which are monotonous in colour and have a hard surface.

Artificial turf as a gym material has very obvious advantages.

  1. bright colours and rich designs that make the indoor environment look relaxed and bright.
  2. it has a very good shock absorbing and cushioning effect, which effectively protects the joints of sports people.
  3. The resilience of the grass is so good that even after an impact, the grass will bounce back quickly. So you can drop weight as much as you like.

Laying gym grass is no different from the regular lawn, and even easier.

This is because gym grass is custom-made to size. It rarely needs to be cut or taped.

All we need to do is clean up the area where the artificial grass is to be placed, lay the gym grass and fix the edges with self-adhesive double-sided tape.

There is no problem at all as the artificial turf surface is extremely shock absorbent and resilient, so you can drop as much weight as you like without causing any harm to the surface.

Yes, there is no problem at all. When deadlifting it is important to pay attention to firstly, the protection of the joints and secondly, that the equipment does not cause damage to the ground when it hits the ground.

With artificial turf, you can reduce the impact of the force and protect the ground at the same time. So feel free to enjoy the pleasure of getting in shape on the grass.

Exercising on the lawn is sure to be a very comfortable time, as you can enjoy the visual sensation of nature indoors. At the same time, you can do yoga, physical training, strength training, sledging and much more.

Exercise on the lawn is unlimited.

We are becoming more and more conscious of the importance of exercise and the protection that the equipment or the field offers us.

A hard surface can put a lot of pressure on our knees when we jump or run, and there is a risk of a knee injury.

This is why artificial turf is a more suitable ground material in terms of safety.

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