Everyone longs for that durable, soft, and realistic turf designed to keep your lawn looking fresh and green all year. Earth design turf is your ideal product for all seasons and no, it does not harm your environment. Managing your lawn can never be easier than when you choose to install earth design turf because of the low maintenance nature. Have no idea about installation, best height, size, or colour? You are one step from having a clue about earth design turf once you go through the product’s details.


  1. Earth design turf comes in different pile heights and densities depending on your needs.
  2. The product mostly comes in green or different shades.
  3. The turf is manufactured using a blend of polypropylene and polyethylene material with a silica sand infill at the bottom. The top layer is also made of rubber for extra cushioning.
  4. Earth design turf is also safe for kids and pets because it is allergen-free.
  5. Durability is important and that is why the product is designed to last for up to15 years.
  6. Earth design turf helps conserve water for your lawn because of its artificial nature. Your water usage will go down, making you save about 70% of your water.


Earth-design turf has multiple uses such as installation in gardens, front and backyards, around pool areas, playgrounds, gardens, and kindergartens. Previously, sports arenas had to endure maintaining natural grass, including replacing some lost patches. However, earth design turf endures high foot traffic and that is why you should consider installing it in the sports field.

Product Details


Earth design turf not only helps in reducing maintenance costs but also increases your home’s value through its non-fading and lustrous appearance. The turf is a worthy investment with a surety for returns.

Earth design turf is best for installation in outdoor areas because of how it is manufactured to withstand high foot traffic. This includes installation in your balcony area.

Infill is required for earth design turf to keep the turf from laying down flat. It also provides a bouncy effect so that you do not get hurt when you accidentally slip and fall.

The first thing to consider when choosing turf is how you will use the product. If there are many people in your home or playground, you will need a higher density with a pile height not exceeding 40mm. You can also seek help from a professional to get the best combination of earth design turf features for your space.

There is nothing better than exploring different accessories on your new turf. So, go ahead and place some garden gnomes, long artificial grass flowers, or any other accessory as long as it does not poke the turf.

Yes. Just send your measurements and other specifications for review by the professionals.

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