Landscaping has never been easier and more enjoyable with fake grass for patio. The grass is manufactured to add beauty and style to your space and no, it does not damage your concrete, slab, or gravel base. Your patio is a safe space for pets, kids, and visitors. With a pile height of 40mm, neighbors will hardly tell that you have fake grass and would definitely envy your perfectly manicured landscape.


  1. Made of high-quality fiber that prevents it from fading or falling off.
  2. Fake grass for the patio is friendly because it has no irritating smell.
  3. The rubber backing makes slipping or sliding impossible therefore it is safe even during rainy seasons.
  4. It can easily be cut to fit the size of your space.
  5. You can get the fake grass for the patio in smaller pieces for your door mat such as the 17x 295 inches.
  6. Easy to wash where small-sized fake grass for the patio can be washed using a machine.


Fake grass for the patio can be used for all types of landscaping around your home. Of course, you would want to keep in mind that the grass is the most preferable for patios but without limitations in other areas. Most people have installed fake grass for patio in their balconies, front and back porches, small gardens, in offices with patios, doorsteps, and s doormats.

Product Details

Factory Introduction

Production Progress

Tiger Lily Garden factory raw material

Raw Material

Chinese artificial grass yarn factory

Monofilament Yarn 

Thatched Yarn 

artificial grass twisted yarn manufacturer

Yarn Twisting

Tufting of artificial grass


Tiger Lily Garden Factory Coating



factory Loading Containers


Grass Comparison

Grass from Tiger Lily Garden

landscaping artificial grass

100% Raw Material

Sourced from Sinopec and quality is guaranteed.

Authoritative Certification

Heavy metals, formaldehyde, and other substances in accordance with EU SGS certification

Long Life Span

Passed UVA laboratory anti-aging test.

Grass from the Others

artificial grass carpet

Reuse of  Recycled Material

Reuse of recycled material and poor grass yarn quality.

No Certificate

Formaldehyde and heavy metals are excessive and dangerous to health.

Short Life Span

After a period of use, the grass starts to powder.


The installation process is very simple. Lay down the fake grass and cut it into shape. Secure the fake grass for patio with an adhesive and voila! Your fake grass is ready for use.

Apart from bringing beauty and ease to your patio, the fake grass will also protect your concrete or slab from damage.

You will be surprised at how much fake grass adhesives are tolerant to water. It is therefore impossible for the adhesive to come off during the rainy season. One quick tip though, do not lay fake grass for patio when it is raining to give the glue time to hold the newly laid fake grass.

Fake grass for patio is strong enough to carry heavy things and gentle to protect you and your family. As long as you do not put sharp objects then you are good to go!

It is very hard to tell a quote because different clients have different spaces. The best way to know about the price is by sending your measurements, and the type of specification such as your desired pile height and density. Take note that such specifications will also be advised by professionals.

Unlike natural grass, you don’t have to wait for fake grass to grow. This means that you get to enjoy your fake grass for patio immediately after installation.

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