Fake Grass Rug for Outdoor

With the development and maturity of artificial grass, the market has become very transparent and the competition is full. Tigerlilygarden has been trying to find ways to develop products that are not homogeneous and have special features that will make us and our importer clients stand out in the industry. This fake grass rug for outdoors is one of our new featured products that will make you stand out in the market!


  1. Various patterns or logos in different colours can be customized as needed.
  2. Tufting is carried out completely according to the pattern of the design draft. The pattern is precise and perfect.
  3. The turf combination is PE straight yarn and PP curly yarn. So the fake grass rug not only has the straightness and high resilience features of straight yarn but also has the compactness feature of curly yarn.
  4. The backing is thick and durable.


Kindergarten, Playground

Product Details


The artificial yarn can not get wet because of its plastic properties. But the backing can get wet if there is standing water. Generally, artificial grass backing with drainage outlet through which water will flow down.

Yes, fake grass is most installed outside. Tiger Lily Garden’s artificial grass is produced with high-quality anti-UV additives. During the warranty years, it fully withstands direct sunlight and bad weather.

Can I use artificial grass like a rug?

Yes. Artificial turf has many functions, and one of them is that it can be used as a rug. The artificial grass rug is durable and comfortable.

Yes. Artificial grass is waterproof because of its material properties. In addition, generally, the backing is with drainage outlets through which water will flow down.

If it rains little, the water on the grass will quickly evaporate and dry. If it rains heavily, the grass backing has drainage holes so that the water can flow into the ground quickly. Raining does not affect the quality of the fake grass.

No special treatment is needed under normal circumstances. Because raining itself can clean the fake grass.

Yes, fake grass can be installed on concrete.

Usually 5-8 years.

Yes. It is cost-effective to install artificial grass to decorate your garden. In the long run, the total cost of installing artificial grass is much lower than that of natural grass. In addition, you can enjoy four seasons of greenery.

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