Fake Grass Wall Indoor

Make your ugly walls breathtaking with our fake grass wall indoors!


Tiger Lily Garden’s fake grass wall indoor panels offer a genuine appearance and feel without the maintenance required of live plants. Adorned with realistic leaves that add detail, our products foster a peaceful, natural atmosphere inside your house or business.

Made of high-quality polyethylene plastic material, vivid and vibrant shades, natural transition, and thick and textured blades. There is no fading or withering of grass leaves. The leaves are soft and comfortable. The mesh at the back is flexible and bends easily.

Artificial foliage panels are simple to install, operate in a modular manner, and may be arranged in a variety of ways. You can use a cloth or a duster to clean the grass. Feel free to contact our team for further guidance.


You can adorn any indoor place you like with our fake grass for walls, such as the welcome wall, bar background, exhibition hall background, indoor corridor, living room, and background for your professional logo.

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Yes, you can put artificial grass on a wall. You can join the grass panels together and attach them to the wall using a staple gun or a strong adhesive around the perimeter of every grass wall panel.

  1. Start by taking a broom and removing as much of the growth as you can to remove mould from artificial turf (wear a mask to protect your lungs while brushing the grass).
  2. Before addressing the area, power washing your artificial grass can remove any extra moss or mold.
  3. Utilizing a sponge, apply hydrogen peroxide to the troubled region. Rinse well with fresh water. Make sure the hydrogen peroxide does not sit on the grass for an extended period as it may discolor it.

Artificial grass drainage is comparable to or superior to natural grass when installed adequately. Because of this, fake grass rarely grows mould or mildew.

You can create artificial wall grass in a few simple steps:

1. Gather the necessary equipment and materials.

2. Plan and measure the wall’s area.

3. Take hold of the fake grass panels.

4. Trim the grass to the target place.

5. Attach the grass to the wall with a nail gun or adhesive.

6. Tailor it to your preferences.

7. Maintain the wall on a regular but low-key basis.

Follow the steps below to build a cheap grass concrete wall.

  1. Gather all the supplies required for this DIY project.
  2. For a concrete wall, fix a wire mesh to the wall.
  3. Use the snap-and-lock system to splice the grass panels.
  4. Use cable ties to attach the grass to the wire mesh.
  5. Secure further with industrial-grade nails.

Building a green wall with Tiger Lily Garden’s fake grass walls is fast and easy.

  1. The key is to pick the appropriate grass from Tiger Lily Garden for that area of the landscape; you may place your green wall anywhere.
  2. You must be aware of what type of wall or surface you are working on to protect it.
  3. Install your grass panels on the wall. If you’re fastening them to a wall, it’s better to use screws; a robust fence could require heavy nails.
  4. Maintain the wall.

Yes, carpet grass can be used indoors in a lot of ways.

  1. A playroom room for kids
  2. Indoor putting greens
  3. Astroturf walls for interior decoration
  4. A business reception
  5. Indoor gyms and multisport stadiums

Indoor artificial grass is simple to clean. Water-soluble or emulsified spots can be removed with a detergent and cold water. Use a dry-cleaning solvent to remove stubborn stains. You could use a carpet cleaning agent to deep clean or sterilize the grass.

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