50mm Fibrillated Football Grass


Fibrillated football Grass was the first generation of football grass used for football pitches and as the technology has developed, Monofilament football grass is now being used on more and more pitches, and there is an ongoing debate as to which is the better for the two production processes. So what are the characteristics of Fibrillated football grass?

Fibrillated football grass is made from fibrillated yarn, which is a whole plastic film and then cut with an orderly knife to form a strip of openings.

  1. The biggest advantage of fibrillated yarn for football grass is that it is very inclusive of the infill. The fibrillated yarn is thicker and there is a connection between the fibres, so it is more stable during use and there is less relative displacement between the fibres. The monofilament grass is a little more fluid in terms of infill, while in the monofilament, as the filaments are separated and there is no binding between each filament, the relative position between the filaments will change in long-term use, which will change the sporting performance of the field.
  2. Fibrillated yarn, because it is an entire yarn, is more easily fixed by the glue during production and has a higher pull-out force, monofilament football grass is mostly made up of 6 to 8 fibres and the glue on the bottom back has the possibility of separation.
  3. Nowadays, because of the use of PE material, the abrasion resistance and anti-slip properties of fibrillated football grass have been greatly improved, and this aspect is no less important than monofilament grass. However, when choosing fibrillated football grass, it is important to ensure that the Fiber Dtex is above 8800 Dtex. If the yarn is too thin, it will have poor abrasion resistance.
  4. Fibrillated artificial grass does not look as natural as monofilament yarn, however, and the degree of simulation is slightly less.


Indoor and outdoor football pitch.

Product Details


Usually choosing artificial grass around 45~60mm is the best pile height for football grass and you can choose both monofilament and fibrillated yarn based on your requirement.

If the football field is big, usually chose monofilament and fibrillated yarn with infilling like sand and rubber.

But if the football field is small for 5 or 7 people, non-infilling artificial grass is a  very good choice

Not for all. Usually, the professional game field uses natural grass or hybrid grass but we can see nowadays there are few field FIFA quality grass are acceptable.

For most clubs or schools, fake grass is used very widely.

If only factory FOB price, the price range can be very different from$3~$10. The cheapest football grass is only 6000Dtex. And the cost of fibrillated football grass is cheaper than monofilament grass.

The life span of football grass is very long at least 8~10 years with proper maintenance.

It depends on the skill of the install people. Usually a skilful team with proper basement condition the installation time is within 10 days. If we take the basement into consideration, the whole progress takes around 20  days.

The life span of artificial grass can last 8~10 years but it is more like cloth, after 3~5 years you may think it is not that pretty and want to change.

Usually we suggest put shock pad and week block fabric under the football field.

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