If you need fibrillated yarn, we are the best choice. Why? Because our factory occupies 80% production capacity on fibrillated yarn in China. We can offer you very competitive prices with guaranteed quality.


  1. Add sufficient anti-UV, anti-oxidation, anti-static, anti-lodging, and other additives in the production process of fibrillated yarn, so that the yarn can ensure a five-year service life, and it is not easy to appear ageing, wear, fading, and other phenomena during the use period.
  1. The hand feel is smooth and elastic, the colour is even and soft, the mesh is evenly opened, and the forks are evenly split when torn.
  1. The dtex range is 5,000D-11,000D. As the fibrillated yarn is thicker, the end user’s sole is more stable when they play on it.
  1. The biggest advantage of fibrillated yarn is that it has good resistance to filling, while the monofilament grass has strong mobility to filling. Because the fibrillated yarn is thick and it has connections between the yarn and the filament, it is very stable in the process of use, with good performance and small relative displacement between the filament and the filament.


Football artificial grass, Multifunctional artificial grass.

Product Details


With the development of artificial grass these decades, the product has become very mature. The variety of yarns that can be used for artificial grass is particularly large at present. But which one is the best? The word “best” is relative. Tiger Lily Garden believes that the best yarn for artificial grass is the one that perfectly fits its purpose and budget. Contact Tiger Lily Garden today to tell us more and let us recommend the best yarn for artificial grass for you!

Dtex is a unit of measurement. It refers to the weight in grams of 10,000 meter-long yarn. Then what dtex of the fibrillated yarn? The dtex range is 5,000D-11,000D

The most important thing to judge the quality of the artificial grass is the quality of the artificial yarn. Our artificial yarns are all made of high-quality raw materials with enough anti-UV additives. Therefore, the quality of the grass produced is very good.

The most important component of artificial grass is artificial yarn. Artificial yarns are usually made of PP, PE, or nylon. Fibrillated yarn is generally made of PP or PE.

The production of artificial grass generally goes through the following steps:

Mixing Material, Yarn Extruding, Yarn Twisting, Turfing, Coating, Packing.

Yes. Different grades can be distinguished by material, warranty years, or specific parameters, etc.

Generally, It is loaded in a 40HQ container. The loading quantity is around 20,000 kg to 24,000kg / 40HQ according to different Dtex.

The lead time is around 14 days.

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