Landscaping Fitness Turf


This fitness turf is made from a combination of straight and curly yarn grasses, with the straight yarn being made from PE, which is very hard wearing and makes it very easy to pull or push on the grass surface.

The curly yarn is made of PP, which is very supportive and gives the grass a fuller surface and a more realistic feel when moving.

The lawn is designed to be 25cm high. This height ensures that the lawn is as close to the natural grass as possible, but also takes into account the friction of working with fitness equipment and the protection of the exerciser’s body.

The fitness turf is brighter and more distinctive than other indoor exercise mats, adding vitality and light to the room.

Tiger Lily Garden’s Fitness turf has high-quality UV resistance to ensure that the turf is suitable for outdoor use.


Private training areas, sledging, equipment areas, strength areas

Product Details


Generally speaking, there are two types of artificial turf used in the strength and personal training areas of gyms.

One is a mixture of straight and curly artificial turf similar to landscape grass, and the other is pure curly yarn similar to golf grass.

The landscape grass is suitable for sports that require a high resistance surface and for speed training.

Curly yarn gym grass is suitable for pushing and pulling with a smooth surface, and for strength training.

You can choose the right gym grass for your needs.

There are three main factors to consider when using artificial turf in a gym.

Safety, aesthetics and durability.

  1. The biggest consideration for artificial turf in the gym is shock absorption, which protects the joints. It is also effective in protecting athletes from injury when they fall.
  2. The artificial turf is very close to real grass in appearance, which makes the sport more natural.
  3. As the raw material is made of plastic, Tiger Lily Garden has added much high-quality and environmentally friendly functional additives during the production process, making our artificial turf more wear-resistant and long-lasting.

Of course, you can, artificial turf is one of the most suitable indoor surfacing materials for sports.

Thanks to its shock absorption, abrasion resistance and surface resistance.

So you can run and jump, push sledges, do strength training and take private lessons on artificial turf.

Laying artificial turf in the gym is as easy as anywhere else.

First of all, you need to have a tape measure, indoor adhesive tape, a hobby knife and artificial turf.

Next, clean up the area where the artificial turf is to be laid, open it up and leave it for a while until the artificial turf spreads out in its natural state.

Once again, place the artificial turf in the area to be laid in a neat match, and then use the self-adhesive jointing tape at the seams to put the turf together.

Finally, cut off the excess with a hobby knife and you’re ready to enjoy the thrill of the sport.

Of course, you can, you can lift as much weight as you like, any weight is fine. And when you’re done, you can throw your equipment on the artificial turf without causing any damage. The artificial grass is very strong and hard-wearing. And it protects your joints well during weightlifting.

Indoor artificial turf requires very little care. However, there may be times when some rubbish or residue falls on the artificial turf.

  1. For large pieces of rubbish, just sweep them up with a broom or pick them up by hand.
  2. For small pieces of debris that have fallen onto the grass, you can vacuum them out.
  3. If the lawn is stained with small amounts of oil or other adhering contaminants, clean it up with a rag dipped in a small amount of soapy water.
  4. For areas that are often flattened by walking, we can use a tool to brush up the fallen strands of grass to bring them back to their original state.

You can do any kind of exercise on the lawn, you can do yoga, fitness training, strength training, equipment, etc. Everything is possible.

Newly bought lawns will have a certain smell due to storage and transport as well as the raw materials etc. But don’t worry, the smell is of plastic and will not be harmful to the human body. If you are concerned, then please leave the lawn outside for a while before laying.

If you still think it smells, spray some vinegar solution on the lawn and it will work.

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