Diamond Football Field Grass

If you are looking for the perfect football field grass, then your search is over. The diamond-shaped football grass is the best choice for football fields as the diamond-shaped yarn has great advantages.


  1. The cross-section of the yarn is diamond-shaped, and the width of the blade is up to 1300 microns. The middle is thick and the sides are thin, which makes the upright effect, resilience, and anti-slip more than 2 times of ordinary artificial grass. Even after heavy use, the football field surface still keeps good elasticity.
  2. The thickness of diamond-shaped football field grass is as high as 250 microns or more, and the strong wear resistance makes the service life of football field grass longer, more than 15% longer than similar products.
  3. Its width and thickness are well adjusted, and when it is under pressure, the force is even. The obtuse angle is set with a rounded part, which reduces the stress concentration of the blade, and at the same time, the rounded angle provides protection to the athletes’ feet, which effectively reduces the risk of sports injury and makes the sports safer and healthier.
  4. Closer to the touch of natural grass, which makes the diamond-shaped football grass has strong sports performance.
  5. With the same pile height, stitches, Dtex, and diamond-shaped football field grass have a higher coverage rate than that of other shapes.
  6. The material contains anti-UV masterbatch, which makes the football field grass anti-UV. Antibacterial masterbatches are also added to make the grass itself have an antibacterial function. It provides protection for athletes and also contributes to the environment.


Indoor and outdoor football field.

Product Details


Usually, monofilament or fibrillated football grass is installed on football fields. For formal football fields where football leagues are sometimes held, monofilament football field grass is usually installed. For less formal football fields, fibrillated football grass or multifunctional sports grass is usually sufficient. Contact us here at sales@tigerlilygarden.com to get more professional advice.

Firstly, measure your football field. Generally, the sqm of grass needed is around 1.3 times of your football field. We can customize the grass roll size just according to your football field, in order to save the wastage.

Generally, the pile height of football field grass is around 35mm-60mm, it depends on your budget and application purpose. Normally, 50mm grass is most installed on the football field.

Flat shape, S shape, Spine shape, and Diamond shape are the most common shape for football field grass. And the Diamond shape is most recommended as it has so many advantages as explained above.

Yes. From the grass yarn shape, pile height, stitches, dtex, roll length, or width, are all customization supported. In addition, we can do just according to your samples if needed.

Generally, the MOQ is 1,000 sqm. The higher the quantity, the better the price.

Yes, as your reliable manufacturer in China, we handle all the production processes, from the yarn extrusion, turfing, and coating.

Currently, we have 6 sets of monofilament yarn machines and 2 sets of 5/8 turfing machines. The production capacity is around 12,000sqm / day (around 4,200,000 sqm / year).

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