Polyethene Artificial Grass

Artificial grass does not have to appear all uniform with a precise cut on its blades to look natural. The forest green artificial grass is more compact with a welcoming soft touch and W-shaped blades that keep it standing throughout all weather. If you long for that picnic time with your loved one in a comfortable well-landscaped environment, choose forest-green artificial grass. It can also be installed for any other outdoor purpose, leaving you with less worry that the grass will be damaged when overused.


  1. Forest green artificial grass comes at a pile height of about 1.6 inches and a stitch gauge of ½ inches.
  2. The forest green artificial grass is UV stabilized to withstand extreme heat condition therefore preventing it from melting.
  3. The grass blades contain different texture and dimension to look like natural grass.
  4. Forest green artificial grass is best for outdoors because it is manufactured for intense activities such as playing.
  5. It is thick in nature with excellent drainage.
  6. It has a wavy shape to look and feel more like natural grass.


Since forest green artificial grass is soft, your pets can play or roll without being poked or feeling scratchy. The artificial grass is also suitable for installation as part of the landscape, in kid’s playgrounds, sports areas, garden spaces, front and backyards, around the pool area, and on balconies. You can also explore installing indoors if you feel you desire the wild touch as part of your décor.

Product Details


The average ounce of forest green artificial grass is about 64 Oz. You might also find others that weigh 104 Oz per square yard, which includes the face weight of 78 Oz.

Yes. The name forest green is an artificial grass colour which comes in neutral green. It is also a product name to show a specific type of artificial grass.

The wavy nature of forest green artificial grass does not make it look disorganized. Rather, the artificial grass appears more natural-looking because even natural grass does not have precisely cut blades.

As mentioned before, forest green artificial grass is meant for outdoors. It would be unnecessary and a bit costly to install indoors. However, if your space is small and you feel like you need such a product for your interior décor, go for it!

Forest green artificial grass is designed to withstand intense activities due to its thick and durable nature. For this reason, you can install artificial grass on rooftop gardens without worrying about quick wearing out.

Considering value for money and low maintenance cost, artificial grass is not expensive because it will last for a long time.

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