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Are you looking for a romantic and appealing look for your garden yard? Everyone wants a streamlined yard that requires less upkeep and attention to produce an inviting appearance. However, without a basic understanding of artificial grass, finding turf that matches the intended effect on your lawn might be difficult. Your yard will benefit from the ambience and peaceful look provided by Grass Fence. Grass Fence is a hassle-free approach to guarantee that you’re outdoor is elegant, low-maintenance, and merges in nicely with the interior presentation, similar to the qualities of its Grass Fence design.

It gives the area where it is utilized an attractive aspect since it has a natural element such as natural grass. It is often utilized, especially in landscaping, because of its characteristics. Despite the fact that the turf utilized is artificial, it has piqued interest in parks, land, residential gardens, and institutional gardens. This Grass Fence has a highly robust and lasting construction, and appropriate quantities for grass fence costs have been decided. You may create a lovely appearance both indoors and out with the grass fence. While you can offer your home’s yard a very fashionable design, you may give lawn fence sections to your own. Worry about durability? Grass Fence is made of Galvanized steel wire & PE Plastic Wire to ensure that durability and reliability are guaranteed so long as the grass is installed correctly.


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Grass fences are available in various patterns and models. The cost of a grass fence is determined by the customer’s choice of design, model, height, and the amount of fencing required to enclose the area where the fence will be erected.

Many companies make high-quality grass fences that appear natural and provide a new dimension to your school, garden, or other outdoor space. Our products, which are manufactured in China are exported all over the world. We work hard to produce high-quality goods at affordable costs. If we are talking about the factory directly, the cost of the grass fence is around$6~$8/SQM.

Grass walls are also called “artificial grass fences”,” Grass Fence”, ”Wall Grass”, ”Chain link fences” and “Privacy fences”. People called it those ways because the main material is high quality and the iron wire. And the structure is more like the chain link fence but with grass on the top to protect privacy. The grass fence is getting more and more popular in our daily life.

Natural grasses are generally difficult to use for fence purposes as they are short and unsupportive.

Here we focus on artificial grass. The artificial grass used for the fence is not the traditional grass that is laid on the ground. Artificial grass in the traditional sense is like a carpet and it is difficult to stand up outside as a fence.

Artificial grass for fences is mainly a new type of grass made of PVC, twisted together with wire and then compiled. The fence is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to install and safe. Tiger Lily Garden, as a grass fence manufacturer with over ten years of experience, will provide you with the best support.

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A grass fence is a new type of artificial fence mainly for outdoor use. It is mainly made of PVC and wire and is very popular due to its high density, aesthetic appearance, maintenance-free, easy installation, low cost and privacy properties.

Tiger Lily Garden has over ten years of experience in manufacturing and processing plastic garden products and you can always contact us with any questions you may have.

What are the main costs of installing a fence? I think there are four main components: the price of the fence itself; the price of the accessories; the price of installation; and the price of maintenance afterwards. So from a comprehensive point of view, the most cost-effective fence must be low in price, simple to install, easy to DIY and maintenance-free.

That’s why Tiger Lily Garden’s PVC Grass Fence offers these features. Our accessories are delivered free of charge and the fence is very attractive, making it a real value-for-money product.

To build an outdoor grass wall, the first thing to do is to choose some plastic greenery that is UV resistant, so that the wall will remain green and beautiful even when exposed to the elements.

For outdoor grass walls, there are two main options, one is an artificial hedge and the other is an artificial grass fence.

Firstly, the artificial hedge has a beautiful green leaf on one side and a baseboard on the other, so it is more suitable for wooden walls or walls without gaps, whereas if the wall is a chain link fence with large gaps, it will look ugly from the outside.

The second is the artificial grass fence, which has better coverage and privacy, is easy to install and has a simple overall atmosphere, but is not as rich in design as the artificial hedge.

So there are different products to choose from depending on your needs.

Good privacy must satisfy the following conditions.

  1. be robust with good support and protection.
  2. dense enough to cover the gaps from outside prying eyes.
  3. a privacy fence is mostly used outdoors, so UV resistance is also important.
  4. easy to install, easy to maintain and save time and effort.
  5. Aesthetically pleasing, the fence is something we see every day and its aesthetics have a direct impact on our mood, so looking good is very important.

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It can be a real annoyance to have your neighbours watching your daily life. It is even worse if your neighbour is a person with a poor sense of boundaries. For example, he knows exactly what time you get up, what you had for breakfast and what games your children are playing at home.

So a privacy fence in the middle of your yard is very necessary. Of course, you don’t want this to seem so obvious and relevant.

So choose an artificial grass fence from Tiger Lily Garden to make your decision seem logical. You can say that you want to make the garden look better, not just build a cold fence.

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