Grass Wall Backdrop DIY

Grass wall backdrop for DIY projects and to get creative!


It is simple to install and may be fastened to the wall with nails or sticky hooks or to other fences using zip ties. This product is made with low and high-density polyethylene to satisfy your needs. Our grass wall backdrop panels are fireproof, durable, lifelike, and lightweight, and provide 4-5 years of UV protection.

Each panel has connectors that interlock for a simple grass wall backdrop DIY installation. Feel free to cut, fit, and give it any shape according to your décor requirements.


Wedding backdrops, stage backdrops, wedding arch swags, and birthday party backdrops.

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You can attach artificial grass to a wall by following a few easy steps.

  1. To determine the area of coverage, measure the wall.
  2. Determine how many panels you’ll need.
  3. Utilize the simple snap-to-lock technique to join the panels.
  4. Use cable ties to further secure the grass panels.
  5. Concrete screws should be used to attach the steel wire grid to the wall using a drill.
  6. With cable ties, fasten the panels to the steel wire grid.
  7. For the final finished look, cut the extra part of the zip ties.

You can make a backdrop for a green wall by simply attaching faux grass boxwood panels to the backdrop stand. To make a backdrop stand, use Oriented standard board panels and join them with nuts and bolts. Paint the surface black or green to hide the wooden colour. Attach a stand to the board. Use this surface to attach your grass panels to create a green wall.

You can zip-tie grass wall panels together to secure them. To do that, you simply tie the cable/zip ties around the network of plastic at the back of the two grass panels. Push a zip tie through the panel and loop it back through the eye of the tie. Pull the zip tie tight and trim the excess end.

You can hang a faux greenery wall using a strong industry-grade adhesive or a nail gun. When either stapling or glueing, secure the perimeters of the wall grass panels for a clean finish.

  1. On drywall or a timber cladding wall, you can attach greenery panels with the help of an industrial-grade staple gun.
  2. For a concrete wall, you can either use a good-quality construction adhesive or a wire grid screwed to the wall to attach the greenery panels.

We share the steps with you that you can follow to install a vertical green wall.

  1. Measure your desired space to have enough supply of grass panels to cover the wall.
  2. Start securing the panels to the surface using a fixing. The fixing depends upon the surface of the vertical wall.
  3. Once done, ruffle the leaves of the grass to make them look natural.

To make a faux hedge wall, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Always plan and measure the area for coverage to order enough faux hedge panels.
  2. Now secure the faux hedge panels according to the surface of the wall.
  3. Ruffle the leaves a little to make them stand upright and look fuller and natural.
  4. Enjoy your faux hedge wall!

Let’s see how you can create TikTok’s famous fake vines on the wall.

  1. Get fake vines for the wall. Get an estimate of the required area and buy the vines accordingly.
  2. Attach transparent hooks to the wall with equal and adequate between them.
  3. Hang two to three vines per hook with one side longer than the other.
  4. Add another layer of vines if you do not like the gaps.

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