Grass Wall Backdrop

20″x20″ fake grass wall backdrop panels with intricate leaves give a natural appearance.


The backing system is 100% fresh plastic panels that are non-toxic, safe for people and pets to use, low-maintenance, and ideal for lively décor.

Tiger Lily Garden’s grass wall backdrop panels also include UV-resistant material, Polyethylene. They give superb hedging with excellent privacy and can be used outside for 5-8 years with no fading.

Attach to any wall or fence for a simple installation. Included are green attachment fasteners. These evergreen panels are readily bendable and sized to suit any surface.

Despite being lightweight and having a high density and stability, our artificial ivy fence panels are great for hiding unsightly views and giving them a fresh new look with realistic-looking flora.


Wedding backdrops, stage backdrops, wedding arch swags, and birthday party backdrops.

Product Details


To make grass wall panels, measure the board or area where you want to install the panels before cutting the grass into the necessary shape and size. Use interlocking connectors to secure the grid to the wall or backdrop stand before attaching the already-spliced panels.

To make a backdrop stand, use Oriented standard board panels and join them with nuts and bolts. Paint the surface black or green to hide the wooden color. Attach a stand to the board. Use this surface to attach your grass panels to create a green wall.

You can put grass on a wall using a strong construction adhesive or a nail gun. When either stapling or glueing, secure the perimeters of the wall grass panels for a clean finish. Make sure you use strong nails or screws to attach grass to the wall.

One order of 12 boxwood panels will create a backdrop measuring 6.5 by 5 feet. So, to create a backdrop larger than that, measure the desired area and then see how many panels you would need to create the backdrop.

You can decorate your grass wall in many creative ways such as adding floral details to your grass backdrop, decorating it with balloons in the form of a garland, or adding a customized sign to it.

You can buy a set of fake grass panels for your project and join them using their interconnecting system. Then, you can attach them to the surface of your target area.

  1. To make a Pampas grass wall décor, gather all the required materials.
  2. Cut the stems of the pampas grass and align them on a cardboard cut to the required area.
  3. Glue the entire stem on the cardboard.
  4. Glue the second piece close enough to the first one so there are no visible gaps in between.
  5. Continue glueing more pampas grasses to the cardboard making sure the flower heads are of the same length and equally distant.
  6. Use smaller pampas flower heads for the second/inner layer.
  7. Keep on adding layers until you no longer have space left.

There are a few ways to stick artificial grass to a concrete wall.

  1. You can attach a steel wire mesh to the concrete wall. Then, attach your artificial grass to the mesh using cable ties, and further secure it with sturdy nails or screws.
  2. Or, you can use a strong, industrial-grade construction adhesive or artificial grass adhesive to stick artificial grass to a concrete wall.

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