Green Synthetic Turf

Are you looking for cheap but with good quality green synthetic turf? Congratulations. You come to the right place. This “RCGQ” model is the most cost-effective green synthetic grass.


  1. The yarn of this green synthetic grass has a perfect combination. It is made of 4 emerald green curly yarn and 4 olive green curly yarn, which makes the green synthetic grass very natural-looking.
  2. Because of its classic color, it is loved by most of our clients, which makes it become our best-selling green synthetic turf.
  3. As this green synthetic grass is so popular, we produce it all year round, which in turn makes the production cost of this grass much lower, so it has a great advantage on the price. That is why it becomes the cheapest green synthetic turf but with good quality.
  4. It is wear-resistant, long service life, and is still as good as new after several years of installation.
  5. This green synthetic turf has a wide range of applications, not only for golf courses.


Golf courses, gymnasiums, tennis courts, multi-purpose sports areas, playgrounds, balconies, indoor and outdoor promenades…

Product Details


RCGQ is the best green synthetic turf because it is of good quality but cheap turf.

Green fake grass is also called green synthetic turf, green synthetic lawn, green artificial lawn, green artificial grass or green artificial turf. They all refer to one product.

The price range is around USD$4-$8. It depends on the green synthetic turf specifications. Contact us today. We would like to recommend you the most suitable one according to your application areas and your budget.

Yes, you can walk and play on the lawn without affecting the turf quality. That means you can get rid of the “Keep off the grass” sign!

Regarding the pile height for the green synthetic turf, generally, it refers to the length of the curly yarn pull straight. 13mm-20mm pile height green synthetic turf for putting green is recommended.

Yes, it is. Putting green is a good place to relax and have fun. In addition, you can practice your golf game skills just at your home.

Concrete, asphalt, crushed rock & crushed limestone, or just crushed limestone

No,  because they can’t nest, breed, or feed on the artificial grass.

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