Hedge Slats for Chain Link Fence


Hedge Slats for Chain Link Fence is a synthetic galvanized twine and artificial grass chain link fence made of synthetic grass.

It is possible to obtain an eye-catching and expansive appearance with a fake grass wall in a short amount of time because of its easy-to-install characteristic.

Hedge Slats for Chain Link Fence is known for its ability to blend in with its surroundings. Artificial turf fences made of wall grass provide more security. The appearance of green walls may be favoured by a highly beautiful look in restaurants, cafés, tennis courts, basketball courts, schools, and terraces, in contrast to the chilly attitude of wire mesh. It has a low maintenance cost and is simple to set up Hedge Slats for Chain Link fences to hide any unsightly parts and give them a luxurious appearance. This distinguishes the grass, making it one of the best turfs for landscaping with a natural appearance. As a result, distinguishing between natural grass and Hedge Slats for Chain Link Fence synthetic grass is difficult.


Privacy fence, residential area, restaurants, cafes, stairs, project barrier

Product Details


The price we are talking about is the factory direct price for the importers, but if you need a price for your daily use, please feel free to contact us, we will help you to contact our local distributors directly, he will surely give you very strong support.

Firstly, all the chain link fences are made of high-quality PVC with enough UV-resistance additives. And we are the first manufacturer to produce this product in China. So our price and quality as a factory are very good enough to support you.

For Hedge Slats for Chain Link Fence grass with our company, it costs roughly $3/SQM based on different requirements. And please email us or more discount.

If you’re not sure how to install anything, Hedge Slats for Chain Link Fence grass fences are packaged with simple and thorough installation instructions.

Hedge Slats for Chain Link Fence grass fence is designed to be simple to build. Customers may easily install these grass fences on their fences using simple equipment such as iron wire or zip ties.

In terms of upkeep, all you have to do is let the rain clean it naturally. Isn’t that simple and cost-effective? Now is the time to add it to your offer list!

Yes sure. hedge slats chain link fence is a product with very strong DIY attributes. The hedge slats chain link fence we produce contains 31-35 slats in a roll, and is made of wire, yes it is soft, so if you feel it is not dense enough or not effective enough during the installation, you can add as many slats as you wish.

If it’s just a chain link fence with a big space made of wire, it’s a bit boring and hard to protect your privacy. We can use hedge slats or cross the crass fences or artificial grass hedges for a better combination.

As a manufacturer of outdoor garden products in China, Tiger Lily Garden focuses on producing higher quality and more beautiful garden products to make your life more colourful.

A chain link fence is very strong but has the disadvantage of having too big space and void to protect your privacy effectively. How can we avoid this problem? We can decorate the Chain Link fence with the following garden enclosures to make your garden both beautiful and private.

  1. artificial grass hedges
  2. artificial grass fence

These are easy to install and can be done independently by even a woman with very little strength.

Chain link fence slats are mainly divided into two parts: the leaves and the supports. The main material of the leaves is PVC and Tiger Lily Garden has added a high-quality UV-resistant additive to ensure that the colours are bright and vibrant even when used outdoors. The support part is mainly made of wire, which is both strong and flexible.

15 to 45 minutes tops.

Because our artificial grass fence comes in large sheets, it is very effortless to install, just spread it out, position it and fix it with plastic ties. The whole process is easy and effortless.

Chain link slats are also called artificial grass fences, strip fences or artificial grass walls. It is made of PVC and wire.

The purpose of chain link slats is to beauty and protect the privacy of your yard.

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