KDK Yarn

 KDK Yarn is named after its KDK production craft. Like other artificial yarns, the initial KDK yarn is straight yarn after being extruded and drawn through the yarn-producing machine. However, KDK yarn needs to be woven to make the yarn curl, and it is strengthened and kept in curl shape by high temperature and high air pressure. Then unravelled. Mainly for producing multifunctional artificial grass.


  1. Due to the special production craft of KDK yarn, the crimp degree can easily achieve the expected effect during production. After turfing, the KDK yarn surface appears much denser than the ordinary curly yarn with the same dtex.
  2. The KDK artificial yarn has very good curvature memory and will not deform. It is suitable for long-distance transportation because KDK yarn can maintain its original curvature even if it is shipped to foreign countries with a more than two-month shipping period. Don’t worry it tends to straighten easily like ordinary curly yarn. In addition, KDK yarn can keep its shape for at least 6 years without deformation after being turfed into artificial grass.
  3. KDK yarn is more wear-resistant and more comfortable than ordinary curved yarn.


The KDK yarn is mainly used for producing multifunctional artificial grass and landscaping artificial grass.

Product Details


For the non-infill sports artificial grass, the best yarn is KDK yarn. KDK yarn has a better curvature and can well keep its shape. A good non-infill sports artificial grass must be with better support of the curly yarn. With using the KDK yarn as the thatch yarn for non-infill grass, Straight yarn and thatch yarn are clearly distinguished. And the KDK yarns are thick as if a bunch of rubber particles is filled around the straight threads. Such thick and dense thatch yarn is the key to non-infill sports grass.

If the artificial grass with KDK yarn, then you are worry-free from this issue. Because KDK yarn has a better curvature and can well keep its shape, which will make the artificial grass fluffy all the time.

The yarn in artificial grass refers to the fibers which are on the artificial grass surface. Different kinds of artificial grass are with different kinds of yarn. The main types of yarn in artificial grass are as follows:

Monofilament yarn

Curly yarn

Turf yarn

PP fibrillated yarn

Fibrillated yarn

KDK yarn

KDK is short for Knit de Knit. KDK yarn is named after its KDK production craft.

If you use KDK yarn as the thatch yarn for non-infill artificial grass, then no need to bother to put infill on artificial grass. Because the KDK yarn is thick and can keep its shape, which can well support the straight yarn.

In the artificial grass industry, Knit deknit refers to a kind of production craft that makes artificial yarn. It mainly refers to the artificial yarn being knitted on woving machines, then dealt with at high temperature and pressure, and finally unravelling the yarn. The purpose is to make the yarn curly and let it keep its shape. The finished yarn is called KDK (Knit deknit) yarn.

If your budget is sufficient for multifunctional artificial grass, KDK turf is the best choice because it is comfortable, wear-resistant, durable, and without deformation.

The MOQ is one 40HQ container. And the lead time is around 30 days.

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