Libra Artificial Plastic Grass

What is Libra Artificial Grass?

Looking for that romantic and attractive look in your yard? Everyone wants the sleek type of yard with fewer maintenance efforts and attention to achieve a welcoming look. However, it is challenging to find turf that fits the desired outcome on your lawn without the basic knowledge of plastic grass. Libra plastic grass provides the ambiance and relaxing view that your yard needs. Similar to the traits of its zodiac sign, Libra is a hustle-free way to ensure that your outdoor is sleek with little maintenance while it blends in well with the indoor presentation. The difference between Libra grass and other plastic grass is the pile height that does not exceed 38mm±1mm, thereby enhancing its appearance in your yard. Although the grass belongs to the plastic grass category, its features are blended for that soft, silky feeling to give your play or pool areas a natural appearance. The artificial grass is also durable, so there is no need to worry about replacing your turf in the next ten or more years. This means that you get to enjoy your turf and experience value for money without inconveniences such as maintenance or watering.

Libra Artificial Grass for that Natural Appearance

The flat shape and 4 tone color turf appear natural due to its texture and density. The two available models of the plastic grass carrying a 3/8 gauge are light and easy to install in the house or outdoors. Most people seek soft artificial grass as they worry about harming young children due to the assumption that artificial grass is brittle. However, the 7100±3% Dtex makes the grass friendly for pets and babies and can be used in other house parts such as the children’s bedrooms to mimic the outdoors. Libra is also an all-season grass meaning it can be used at any time of the year without taking it inside during harsh weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Libra Plastic Grass (FAQs)

Most buyers will visit the frequently asked questions page for reference or research the challenges or benefits of a service or product. For this reason, it is essential to have frequently asked questions for more tips and advice on maintaining plastic grass. Similarly, the FAQs about Libra grass enlighten the buyer about the product from an interactive viewpoint. Refer to the frequently asked questions on the plastic grass and acquire knowledge about the dos and don’ts of Libra artificial grass.


Libra plastic grass is an essential addition to your home’s appearance that you and your children or friends will love. Libra grass is dense and shorter in height to achieve a relaxing environment, even on your balcony. Try out the plastic grass in your children’s bedroom for them to enjoy indoors when it is impossible to play outside during extreme weather conditions. Ultimately, Libra’s unique features facilitate a calm, relaxed, and romantic environment depending on the client’s needs. It is unnecessary to go through the hustle of matching the specifications to your desire as the material has already been matched with the density, pile height, and Dtex, among other specifications, to ensure uniformity of the turf when placed outdoors or indoors.

Product Details

General Applications

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Project Barriers


Courtyard Landscape



artificial grass for balcony



artificial grass for swimming pool

Swimming Pool

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Grass Wedding

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Commercial Area

Cost Analysis

The price of artificial grass is connected with many elements, but the most relevant are: Face Weight, price of raw material, sea freight and exchange rate.

Lead Time Estimation

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Stock Samples Lead Time

For our common imported artificial plastic grass, we usually prepare enough promotion samples 30CMX30CM. So you can get free samples quickly and easily. What you need to do is sending us a samples requirement, the samples will be ready within 2 days and the delivery express will take 3~7 days.

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Custom Samples Lead Time

For custom products, the lead time is based on your yarn requirement, If we have stock yarn or ongoing plastic grass orders that will be faster or the lead time will be longer from extruding yarn to tufting. We will try to be fast, 10~14 days will be ok and the delivery express will take 3~7 days.

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Production Lead Time

It depends on different items and the order quantity. Usually, the fibrillated yarn grass will be fast 10~14 days when imported, the artificial plastic grass will be longer 18~21 days. And usually, the quantity is more,  the lead time is faster because it will save us a lot of time to adjust the machine.

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Shipping Lead Time

For our imported artificial plastic grass and other artificial plants, it will be better to ship out by sea because it is too heavy and the value of our plastic plants is not very high. Sea shipping is the most cost-performance shipping way. It takes around 14 days for the Asia area and 20~30 days for the other countries.

Why Tiger Lily Garden

Chinese artificial grass factory
  • More than 10 years of rich factory and export experience;
  • Very professional from the raw material to final products, we do all in the house;
  • Serious attitude, we care about our clients and will take good care of every single detail;
  • Good communication, you can always get a quick reply 7X24, no delay and no pushing sales;
  • Reliable after-sales service, we will completely communicate about all notes before order and you will always get a positive reply after sales which brings you a good experience and ongoing profit;
  • Full certificate for any requirement of your products.


How to Install Artificial Grass?

artificial grass installation

There is a lot to know about plastic or artificial grass before taking that critical step. Keeping in mind that artificial grass is easy to maintain and comes in shapes and sizes. For Libra grass, the flat yarn shape, pile height, density, and Dtex are the most crucial features to determine the best place for the grass. However, the grass is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, making either of its models suitable.

It’s plastic grass! That is the one advantage that the grass has over natural grass. Meaning you will not start trimming the grass as you uproot the weeds. Besides collecting the falling leaves, nothing will happen to your grass.

Not at all. The PE+PP material used to make Libra grass does not smell and cannot be scorched by the sun. Although the grass is artificial, it cannot smell due to the technique used in manufacturing the turf.

Libra artificial grass resembles natural grass to mean that it cannot melt as the light and heat reflect it without any damage. For this reason, the specifications dictate that the grass can be used both outdoors and indoors.

There is no need to worry about that, as Libra’s pile height facilitates a smooth and relaxed outcome whether you place your grass indoors or outdoors. Additionally, the pile height is even unlike natural grass that needs mowing to become even. Therefore, Libra artificial grass will not appear destructive and clash with the indoor setup, and it also blends with nature when placed outside as part of your landscaping.

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