As much as you want your space to appear enticing and beautiful, you are also worried about your safety and that of your family.  You would want something that protects your environment and your family from health risks. This applies to homeowners and commercial property owners who wish to have grassy areas without the consequences of destroying the climate. Non toxic fake grass provides ambiance and beauty while making sure that your surroundings are safe. Here’s what you need to know about non toxic fake grass to get rid of the myths and fears about fake grass.


  1. Non toxic fake grass is manufactured using the latest technology and equipment, including recycled material.
  2. The product comes in different heights, tones, densities, and yarn colors. This makes it easy to customize.
  3. You can get a roll at 15 feet wide and the fake grass can be cut into any length of your choice.
  4. There are different backing options available which include the normal polyurethane backing.
  5. There is a non-infill option for the fake grass which is also full due to its thatch zone.
  6. Non toxic fake grass has been manufactured for all weather and landscapes because of the excellent draining backing that allows for easier flow of water and absorption of moisture.


There are so many places where you can have non toxic fake grass installed. You can glam your patios, decks, porches, kid’s room, and play areas at malls, in the gym, shopping, and business complexes, at events, on rooftops, and on walls. In short, there is nowhere non toxic fake grass cannot be installed even in sports fields.

Product Details

Factory Introduction

Production Progress

Tiger Lily Garden factory raw material

Raw Material

Chinese artificial grass yarn factory

Monofilament Yarn 

Thatched Yarn 

artificial grass twisted yarn manufacturer

Yarn Twisting

Tufting of artificial grass


Tiger Lily Garden Factory Coating



factory Loading Containers


Grass Comparison

Grass from Tiger Lily Garden

landscaping artificial grass

100% Raw Material

Sourced from Sinopec and quality is guaranteed.

Authoritative Certification

Heavy metals, formaldehyde, and other substances in accordance with EU SGS certification

Long Life Span

Passed UVA laboratory anti-aging test.

Grass from the Others

artificial grass carpet

Reuse of  Recycled Material

Reuse of recycled material and poor grass yarn quality.

No Certificate

Formaldehyde and heavy metals are excessive and dangerous to health.

Short Life Span

After a period of use, the grass starts to powder.


Yes. The grass is not carcinogenic because it is manufactured without chemicals that can possibly cause cancer.

It is very unlikely for fake grass to be toxic. However, you should confirm whether fake grass has some level of lead since others may deteriorate and release lead into the environment.

Like any other fake grass, the non toxic fake grass is made from synthetic fibers from different materials.

Crumb rubber is a form of infill that helps non toxic fake grass to protect you from injuries. The infill cannot harm your children in any way.

There is no way living creatures can live on artificial grass. You should also ensure that you don’t have left over bread crumbs or any other food that may invite rodents.

Non toxic turf can be installed on any surface as long as you ensure you use the correct mode of installation. For example, installation on concrete will require adhesive while installing on the soil will need a base such as gravel.

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