Outdoor Pet Turf

Happy pet, happy life. Your pet will probably never feel the bliss that comes with any other grass if it is not outdoor pet turf. The turf for outdoors is the best choice for your pet because it carries more than one function including play time, relaxation time and even potty time. Yes! You heard us right. The outdoor pet turf can be used for all purposes that you can imagine.


  1. The turf is made of superior material that gives your pet a soft feel no matter how fragile your pet paws could be.
  2. Outdoor pet turf weighs about 70 oz per square yard, making it one of the high-density grass perfect for your pet.
  3. The turf can be easily cleaned even if your pet was to poop on it.
  4. Realistic looking especially due to its density and 1.37” height.
  5. Good for potty training your pet.
  6. The numerous drainage holes make washing an easy task.
  7. Outdoor pet turf has a thickness of about three inches which makes it more comfortable and cushiony for pets.


Outdoor pet turf has a variety of places where it can be applied. You may choose to install it on your backyard, porch, deck, garden, or as a door mat. It can also be used as a potty training mat set aside in your garden. Outdoor pet turf is the best for all outdoor purposes.

Product Details


It is impossible because the turf cannot fold due to its stiffness. It is also too big for a machine wash.

Sprinkle some liquid soap and wash it down with a hose pipe. The drainage holes will allow for quick drying.

The material used for backing is mostly rubber. This means that your pet can play pretend to dig through but they will not manage to reach the base.

Lead is considered toxic in most cases. For this reason, the outdoor pet turf is lead-free to avoid toxic exposure to your pet.

No. We have accessories like pins, nails, and adhesive glues that you can purchase to ensure your turf is safely secured to the ground.

There is no issue if the turf is exposed to sunlight because it is designed for the outdoors. Therefore, your pet will not be harmed in any way even if it gets too sunny.

We are almost sure that your pet will love the feeling of outdoor pet turf. Most pets will not tell whether the grass is natural or artificial so you don’t need to show them how to use the turf.

Your outdoor pet turf cannot be damaged by your pet. The turf is made of polyethene materials which can survive scratches and bites from your pet.

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