Turf Glue-2 Component Special for Artificial Grass

Two-component artificial turf glue

Name: Tiger Lily Garden polyurethane turf glue

Ingredients: Neoprene, synthetic resin, solvent mix

Appearance: green viscous liquid

Specification: 10KG

Shelf life: 12 months

Use temperature: approx. 0-75 degrees

Drying time: approx. 8-15 minutes

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Environmentally Friendly

More environmentally friendly, our turf glue is non-toxic and odourless, harmless to humans and can be used with confidence.

High Weather Resistant

Better weather-resistant, our turf glue is more waterproof, weather resistant and more solid. You can relieve in any circumstance.

More Painting Area

Lighter in weight, more painting area, net content 10kg/bucket can paint 60-80 square metres of artificial turf.

Multi Application

Versatile and easy to apply. This turf glue can be used for golf batting mats, artificial turf, paving materials, etc.

Artificial Grass Adhesive


How to Install Artificial Grass?

artificial seaming tape

Construction Environment

Do not construct on rainy days:

The humidity of construction on rainy days is relatively high, the bonding surface will adhere to a layer of water film, after bonding, the water will remain in the bonding place when the temperature rises, the water evaporates, there will be bulging, shedding phenomenon.

Low temperature do not construction:

Low-temperature construction, solvent evaporation is slow, drying time is long, (more than viscous maintenance time will appear after the phenomenon of non-stick; if the drying time is short (solvent is not dry), the residual solvent in the temperature rise may also cause blistering off phenomenon.

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