Do you just wish that you could relax, forget about everything and enjoy a clean and green environment? It is hard because you have to work for that killer lawn or yard and by the time you want to take a breath, you are tired. Good news! That nightmare is over because turf grass artificial solutions work for you so you get the time to enjoy your investment. We call that an investment because it saves you money, time, and the inconvenience of looking out for ways to improve your lawn.


  1. You can have your turf grass artificial solutions with or without infill.
  2. Since the turf grass artificial solutions are meant to replace real grass with a long-lasting option, the yarn is manufactured with top-notch machines to produce high-quality products.
  3. The turf grass artificial solutions come in different yarn types such as twisted yarn, monofilament yarn, and KDK curly yarn among others.
  4. Turf grass artificial solutions are UV resistant to maintain that evergreen appearance throughout their lifespan.
  5. Suitable for residential and commercial projects.
  6. All our turf grass artificial solutions are environmental-friendly and approved according to the required standards.


Turf grass artificial solutions have been widely used to improve spaces like gardens, hotels, offices, and around the house as part of interior décor, on rooftops, walls, pool decks, sports, and playgrounds. Other uses for turf grass artificial solutions include being added as door mats, or carpets. Basically, turf grass artificial solutions are all-purpose to cater for decoration, landscaping, and as flooring protection.

Product Details

Factory Introduction

Production Progress

Tiger Lily Garden factory raw material

Raw Material

Chinese artificial grass yarn factory

Monofilament Yarn 

Thatched Yarn 

artificial grass twisted yarn manufacturer

Yarn Twisting

Tufting of artificial grass


Tiger Lily Garden Factory Coating



factory Loading Containers


Grass Comparison

Grass from Tiger Lily Garden

landscaping artificial grass

100% Raw Material

Sourced from Sinopec and quality is guaranteed.

Authoritative Certification

Heavy metals, formaldehyde, and other substances in accordance with EU SGS certification

Long Life Span

Passed UVA laboratory anti-aging test.

Grass from the Others

artificial grass carpet

Reuse of  Recycled Material

Reuse of recycled material and poor grass yarn quality.

No Certificate

Formaldehyde and heavy metals are excessive and dangerous to health.

Short Life Span

After a period of use, the grass starts to powder.


We have specialized in not only one but different turf grass artificial solutions for all imaginable uses. You actually do not need to wait for one not unless you require products tailor-made according to your details.

Simply send us your requirement, and we will get back to you with a quote so we can begin shipping. Don’t get nervous as we have a reasonable shipping time.

You can use polyethylene material for installation in sports fields and go for polypropylene material for installation in leisure areas.

Rest assured that all turf grass artificial solutions are affordable because of the lifespan they will last on your spaces with a rough estimate of under $ 2,500 for putting greens. However, it all depends on your space. The larger the space, the more the cost but we promise, it will not break your bank.

Tiger Lily Garden is internationally known and certified to manufacture and supply its products. We also have the best and most reliable machines for manufacturing any type of artificial grass or turf.

Small is a relative word but you could get a door mat or carpet for trial and we are sure you will run back for more turf grass artificial solutions.

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