Turf Green Grass

Are you looking for premium turf green grass for your backyard? Then took a look at this luxury one. You’ve gonna love it the first time you see it.


  1. The materials are made with PP and PE. With adding the PE, the surface of this turf green grass is much softer touching.
  2. The thickness of the turf green grass yarn is thicker, making the lawn very wear-resistant and durable.
  3. Adding sufficient UV additive materials greatly extends the service life of the turf green grass.
  4. The colour of this turf green grass is made up of yellowish-green and emerald green, which makes the lawn look very high-grade and special.
  5. High density makes the whole grass surface very dense and ensures the smoothness of the golf ball rolling on it.


Golf course, Backyard, Indoor Golf playground.

Product Details


Around 60 -180 SQM, including a sand trap.

Yes, it was inevitable. Generally, the turf green grass is 40-70 degrees F hotter than the surrounding air temperature.

Around 500-600 SQM

Unlike the real lawn that requires water, and fertilizer, the turf green grass needs very little maintenance, which saves you much costs and money.

The materials are mainly PP, PE, or nylon.

The best turf green grass for putting green is made of nylon materials. Because the material is more durable. But the price is much more expensive.

Yes, with a putting green in your backyard, makes our home looks nobler. In addition, you will have a lot of fun with playing on it.

Holes need to be cut to a minimum of 10cm depth, and there is no specific maximum limit.

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