U-shaped Galvanized Steel Artificial Grass Sod Staples


U-shaped Galvanized Steel Artificial Grass Sod Staples

Once you lay artificial grass in your garden, anchoring it down and seaming the edges with perfection require a little effort and patience. Sod staples can hold your faux turf to the ground by tacking it down.

Made with hot-dip galvanized steel wire with zinc coating, our U-shaped sod staples will be strong enough to bear maximum tension and corrosion, so your fake turf will stay anchored down for years.

These sod staples are so easy to install that you can carry out the edging of your faux lawn all by yourself. The only tool you will need is a hammer to pound these nails into the ground.

Sod Staples come in three different sizes:

  • 100mm*40mm*3mm
  • 150mm*40mm*3mm (recommended)
  • 200mm*40mm*3mm

These sod staples are not very expensive. However, due to their colour and shine, they are easily visible on less dense fake green grass with short pile height.

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Perfect for seaming and edging artificial grass for lawns, playgrounds, sports pitches, gardens, etc.

Product Details


Sod staples are used to hold down artificial grass. These staples have two legs that anchor down the soil through the turf surface, thus keeping it in place.

If you have a lawn, then a bag of 100 sod staples will suffice and provide value for your money.

Sod staples are usually 4 to 9 inches long. However, we recommend using 6-inch nails as they are the most durable and convenient to use. They are also the most common staples worldwide.

You can apply staples to sod simply by pounding the pins into the soil with a hammer or mallet.

Yes, you will need landscape staples to secure your lawn edges and keep the grass in its place.

Sod staples are necessary for smooth and secure edging. You can use glue instead, but it will not give a neat finish.

To install landscaping staples, use a mallet to hammer them into the ground. Use a sod staple every 12 inches along the edges to keep the turf in place.

There is no need to remove sod staples. Remove sod staples only if they got damaged or destroyed.

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