Wall Grass Décor

Give an extra boost to your wall grass décor with Tiger Lily Garden!


Now enjoy the luxury of wall grass décor with our artificial grass for walls with realistic colour, lush and luxuriant foliage made with 100% finest quality and environmentally safe polyethylene. The 20 x 20-inch wall grass décor panels are easy to clean and of high quality with dense grass leaves having 400 stitches per panel and 4 layers of leaves.

The backing system is a solid plastic grid that can be trimmed and cut with a pair of scissors to any shape and size. If you want to know further, contact us at our given number or fill out the form.


It is a great product for indoors as well as outdoors. Indoors, it can be used in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, or commercial building.

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Wall decor is a terrific way to liven up a room if it is feeling a little too neutral and boring. Whether you choose to paint an entire wall a specific colour or simply use artificial grass for the walls, décor can instantly improve a space by adding vibrancy and dimension.

Before installing the grass, make a cardboard template for the wall you want it on. Attach the template on the backing system of the fake grass panel, and cut around it to get the right size. Then, just use an electric drill to secure it to the wall.

No, it is not easy to grow grass on a wall. However, you can build a grass wall using artificial grass panels meant for wall grass décor. Gather all your supplies. Measure the wall area using a tap measure. Use a construction adhesive for a concrete or brick wall, or a staple gun for the drywall.

A few basic tools and an artificial grass item that suits your tastes are all that are needed to create a turf wall in your house or business. Once you have firmly secured your grass to the wall, build a grass flower wall by attaching flowers for the theme of your choice with common adhesives and staples.

Natural-looking artificial grass is the best for wall decoration. Numerous creative artificial grass wall design ideas might be taken into consideration if you’re looking for inexpensive home decor. Artificial grass also comprises synthetic materials, making it simple to use both indoors and outdoors. To brighten up your balcony or patio, you might think of a variety of artificial grass wall design ideas outdoors.

You can use green artificial grass panels with an interlocking system for grass walls.

You can build a fake grass wall by affixing artificial grass to the wall. It will turn an ordinary wall into a life-like wall.

You can use a staple gun to install artificial grass on drywall. However, for concrete or brick walls, use a strong construction adhesive to attach the grass to the wall.

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