Wall Grass

Now enjoy the luxury of lively walls with Tiger Lily Garden’s cheap wall grass for the garden, living room, and bedroom, for wedding photography, birthdays, and whatnot!


You can choose between a single leaf type or multiple types of leaves together in the wall grass panel. Available in natural shades of greenery, though colours can be customized.

The wall grass is made up of environment-friendly polyethylene which is a soft, lightweight, and low-maintenance material. So, you will have budget-friendly, natural-looking grass with the added benefit of being waterproof and UV-resistant.

The panels are designed in such a way you can easily cut and shape them up with a pair of scissors. Besides, they come with interlocking connectors for easy installation.


Wall grass is suitable for homes, gardens, balconies, shopping malls, museums, hotels, etc. Grass panels can be installed on walls at wedding venues, receptions, parties, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, and more.

Product Details


Wall grass is artificial grass with real-looking leaves used to decorate vertical walls of any space.

To put grass on drywall indoors, use a staple gun. Hold the grass panels against the wall and staple the edges of each artificial grass piece. Stapling the edges will prevent the grass blades from getting pressed down.

You can make artificial wall grass by following a few easy steps.

  • Gather all the supplies such as the fake grass panels, measuring tape, staple gun, or adhesive.
  • Cut the grass as per the measurements of the wall.
  • Attach the faux grass to the wall using a staple gun or an adhesive.
  • Decorate it however you like.

To stick artificial grass to concrete walls you need to apply a strong adhesive such as a polyurethane-based adhesive that bonds to many materials, is waterproof, and is weather-resistant.

You can get plastic grass to stick to the wall by using an industry-grade staple gun or a strong adhesive. You can staple the perimeter of the grass panels or simply stick the grass panels onto the wall with strong glue.

You can build a green wall by installing artificial grass on the wall. At Tiger Lily Garden, we have a wide variety of natural-looking grass panels for wall décor that will turn your ordinary wall into a luxuriant green wall.

A well-maintained artificial turf has a lifespan of around 15 to 20 years. This makes the slight increase in the prices of artificial grass compared to natural grass worth every penny you spend on fake turf.

If you plan to secure your artificial lawn by screwing down the grass, you should use a drill to nail them. Secure the edges of your grass by drilling screws one every foot around the perimeter of the lawn.

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