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Brief Introduction

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Tiger Lily Garden is Your Reliable Artificial Plants Supplier

Artificial Plants are playing an increasingly important role around us because of their aesthetics, strong design, high degree of simulation, anti-UV, no maintenance, flexible installation, and affordable price, and it has become increasingly popular. The application of Artificial Plants is becoming more and more extensive, from dry areas unsuitable for plant growth to the decoration of home leisure areas to commercial beautification. As long as there are artificial plants, the boring environment becomes vivid.

Tiger Lily Garden focus on artificial yarn, artificial grass, accessories and other garden items for so many years and we are a market-proved quality supplier. We believe that we can be the best support for your supply chain.

Why Chose Tiger Lily Garden as Your Artificial Plants Supplier

Fast Delivery

For any customized artificial plants our lead time tries to be within 3 weeks to make sure you always develop a procurement plan methodically.

Factory Direct Price

The price is competitive, and with the same quality, we are confident that we are the most price-competitive factory in the industry.

Rich Experience

Tiger Lily garden have rich experience in product recommendation, delivery, and packing, so you have no worries to leave your orders to us.

Professional &Good Communication

Our sales girls are plant sales for more than 5 years, 7X24 hours online, to give you the fastest and most professional reply.

Low MOQ and Inventory Support

For the basic items, we always have stock. Delivery within 3 days and low MOQ to meet your emergency requirement.

Strict Production Management

Every step will be recorded by our factory inspection colleagues and sent to you by video. What you see is what you receive.

What We Can Provide?

As the best artificial plant supplier, what products can we provide? Let us introduce in turn from the ground to the wall to the space decoration:

What’s more, the necessary accessories will be provided together so it will be much easier for you to purchase.

A good supplier always puts the client’s benefit first place, only our clients get benefits we can both win. Saving your time, money and energy is our first priority.

Free Samples

Get Free Samples Now!

We understand the samples are very necessary for you to evaluate and we are very happy to hear from you. Let’s start with the opportunity, contact us to get free samples. And there are few things please pay attention to which makes sure you can get the samples successfully. Please kindly review our sample page.

Sample of tiger Lily Garden


Yes, it is OK to place your artificial plants outside as long as they are made of hard-wearing materials with additives to make them weather-proof and UV-stable. Always buy faux plants from manufacturers that guarantee the first-rate standards of the products. All the products at Tiger Lily Garden are created using superior quality materials with anti-UV and other additives. When placed or installed outside, our products can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Not all faux plants look tacky. Low-quality fake plants look tacky because they are manufactured using low-grade materials, so they look plasticky. On the other hand, artificial plants designed using high-quality materials do not look cheap. Tiger Lily Garden offers the best factory direct price for premium-quality faux plants so you can keep the maximum benefit.

You can make artificial plans look realistic in more than one way. Let’s discuss them.

  • Buy high-quality faux plants. They are made with materials that give the plant a natural look and feel.
  • Place your fake plants in plant vases and flower pots.
  • Add natural elements, such as soil, rocks, or moss, to the base of your plant to make it look real.
  • Always keep your artificial plants dust-free. Natural plants do not attract dust particles as much as fake plants. So, if the leaves of your plant look dusty, they will look fake no matter what.

Having greenery in your home can boost your mood and upscale your décor. But, unlike natural plants, faux plants are durable, heat-proof, and weather-proof. Since they do not need light, air, or optimum temperature, you can place them anywhere in the house.

Fake plants are so expensive because of the materials with which they are made. Besides, a lot of effort and creativity goes into designing these plants to look as real as they can. Fake plants are costlier as compared to their real counterparts as the synthetic ones are more durable and have a long life span.

Yes, indoor plants attract bugs because of the high humidity around the plants. This is why you might want to keep fake plants instead of real plants inside your house.

The materials with which fake plants are made attract dust particles. With time, the plants become ugly because of the accumulation of dust and grime. There are a few easy ways to keep your fake plants’ dust free.

  • Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the leaves of your fake plants.
  • You can use a dusting brush to remove the dust.
  • Rinse off any dirt or dust from your faux plants.
  • You may try vacuuming the plants.

Yes, it is good to keep fake plants at home because the maintenance of real plants can be a pain in the neck. Real plants require regular watering and feeding the right kind of soil. On the other hand, fake plants do not need water or soil. So, you save water and all the efforts to research the right soil for your plant to flourish. You can place fake plants in the house wherever you like. They do not require air, light, or water for sustenance.

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