What is Recyclable Artificial Grass?

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You may wonder whether recyclable artificial grass is purposely meant for recycling and other concerns to make up your mind about its purchase. The frequently asked questions will guide us to understand more about the product.

Frequently Asked Questions about Recyclable Artificial Turf

How do I Maintain Recyclable Artificial Turf?

Recyclable artificial turf requires maintenance similar to other artificial grass. Since the grass can be reused for other purposes, you must ensure the grass does not wear and tear or discolor by cleaning and avoiding sharp objects on the turf.

Can Recyclable Artificial Grass be Repaired?

Recyclable artificial grass is designed for long-term purposes due to its durability. However, there are very rare chances that the grass could discolor or melt under intense heat and other activities. If this is the case, then no need to worry as your recyclable artificial grass can be repaired.

Can I use my Recyclable Artificial Grass for other purposes?

No need to dispose of the artificial grass for good if you move or wish to replace the grass in your lawn. This is because recyclable artificial grass can be used for other purposes, such as installing erosion control measures in pathways or children and pets’ play areas.

Can I make other products from my Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is mostly made of plastic. This means that recyclable artificial grass can be reused in other forms, such as making plastic products from its materials. To achieve this, you will need to take the recyclable artificial grass to a recycling plant, where the material will be separated from the infill and reused.

Can I cut out My Recyclable Artificial Grass to Fit other Areas?

Of course! If you wish to cut the turf and put it in different locations such as the balcony, living room, or pathways, get a professional to help measure and precisely shape the grass into the desired size for easier installation.  

Once you install recyclable artificial grass and get some leftovers, you may store them or sell the turf for future use. With recyclable artificial grass, nothing will go to waste, meaning value for money, including the advantage of reusing and recycling into other products.

Do Recyclable Artificial Grass last long?

Recyclable artificial turf is similar to a carpet. This is in the case where you wish to move to another location and wonder whether you could carry your turf along. The answer is yes! Recyclable artificial turf is made of durable material that lasts longer and can be uninstalled and re-installed into a new location. That saves you money for new turf with the same quality and maintenance routine despite the location.

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